The year 2010 was by all means a good one and very busy as compared to 2009, felt like one of those crazy but constructive weeks when Friday reaches before your realization then you just blindly chant TGIF. In this case, Thanks God Its 31ST! Where do is start? We finally got the balls to pass the new constitution which by virtue of nothing is perfect was a very big accomplishment, yaaaay! I see its hiccups as just but mere stepping stones, certain that Vision 2030 is now shaping up well into its achievements. Ocampo definitely bagged the award for having been mentioned the most in the Kenyan news. At first, I thought that it was yet another one of the hullabaloo innuendos, but when he unleashed the #Ocampo6 names, it felt like a preview of justice to prevail. I can’t wait for ICC to take the central role, it’s high time we (as a country) rose above impunity. I start to feel less haunted by the post election violence, hope the rest feel the same. Nways at the end of the day come what may, we must never forget where we came from but we must let go of the past and move on. After all, the mistakes are meant to make us wiser.

Moving on from matters less patriotic to my favourite topic, narcism: I had a fabulous 2010! Gosh! From the Lewa trip weekend (Click here to read the Lewa post) to my birthday getaway(bday post) to my graduation (more on that) etc. For all I cared, my Christmas came  in October, my Santa being my own lucky self. I won my baby smart phone in a singing competition, YES! Ask James Murua, he is my witness. A few weeks later won me a macbook laptop at a gala dinner. In sheer luck my name was randomly picked from a list of all the guests who had attended the event, if that’s not an early Santa, then what is? Now to matter luck unrelated, celebrated one year since I joined Grapevine, yaaay! I think that’s cool. I got my freelance contract with the BBC which marked the end of my one year long internship! By virtue of the 6 degrees experiment, I met Y’ossour Nd’our, when I met his buddy Baaba Maal during his Kenyan concert which I coordinated, I  also met and interacted with the legendary Literature guru Ngugi wa Thing’o at the Kwani Litfest which was really cool. It gave me hope that one day I may be very prosperous and as humble at the elderly genius whom I learnt from a lot including the importance of preserving our African Cultures, more specifically our traditional languages.

Onto matters less rosey, well almost got arrested if not shot at, in the Nairobi National park during a park party that we held there. I accidentally rammed into someone car while taking u-turn. The KWS guards then accused me of a hit and run. Oh save me! Which idiot would hit and run in the park? I think you would still be bound to get caught, I honestly didn’t realize that I hit the car, it was just a little scratch on the other car. All that man needed was stash to buy a rubbing compound which I sorted. Nways they must have gotten the kicks outta my shaken face, hahaha one of the guards said about me, ”Huyu ni wa kuuliwa tu” Ok.Not funny.

Lesson Learnt: Stay away from Park policemen or wardens, whatever they call themselves! They are as wild and heartless at the park animals and always at the service of fucking up park parties. Still very bitter at the harassment, I need to let go of that…

It’s a bit sad that there aint no relationships talk all through, that’s because my heart has been far far away with someone who is miles away… It’s NOT a long distance relationship, more like a connection that never blossomed but we try to keep in touch and be happy with each other’s lives and all… It’s actually kind of cool. Guess am still very legible 🙂

I would blog and blog and blog about 2010 but I choose to dock off. In a nutshell, I really loved 2010, am gonna miss it and I promise myself to work harder to have a bigger and better year in 2011. I want to venture even wider into my career and others. Hope to venture into more holidays thus money making projects, I want to form a hobby out of visiting Children’s Homes, I love kids. Have to identify one home so I don’t end up homeless too, LOL. In summary, let’s just say, I wanna do that which I can but haven’t yet. Also recently bumped into Dad’s library so am gonna be reading a whole new  load! Currently reading The Trial of Jomo Kenyatta by Montagu Slater. BTW It’s not as boring or cliche’ as It sounds…

2010 Lesson leant: When it’s fun time, have it in (fully fully conditioni) When its serious business, don’t let anyone put you down, don’t miss on an opportunity at hand  (by grabbing them), learn from your past mistakes. You can achieve so much in a year let alone a day so we must be open minded and assertive that 2011 is the year of kicking ass!

Special shoutout to my friends who gave me hope in one way or the other: Bunny, Chim, Saar, Wanjeri, Jude, Koigi and Anto. Heart y’all xx

It’s better to fail and having learnt than having to regret a decision you should have made (#anyixquote)