I don’t always say this but just so you know I love your many ways. Like the sun’s beautiful rays last on me, you amaze me! Out of the haze, I adore the simple things that you do, like taking pictures of my dimple… I mean who does that?  When you open the door for me, it makes me feel special. I like how you are gentle when we make out on the bathroom floor. I go mental thinking about all the things I wanna do to you, it’s how the taste of your kiss is, it’s how idle I get when I miss you, it’s how we diss each other then rekindle the flame, it’s the scented candle you got me for my birthday, it’s how you handle me at the end of the day when I comeback from work. I love how you cuddle with me on the couch till I fall asleep ….

I love when you let me sleep on your side of the bed, how you let me slip into your shirt. On the flip side, you love when I let you take off my skirt .… When you sip my milkshake and refuse to give it back, we fight. I might end up getting mad for real but at the end of the day, you take me into your arms then I forgive you. I give you a hard time helping me decide on what to wear but deep inside I appreciate your time and consideration. You never lie, or so I think so baby I give you acclamation! When we are walking in the rain it’s warm because you hold me close, it feels like you take away all my pain when I close my eyes to kiss you. In that moment I know I made the right choice when I choose you. Like a garment, I know you were tailor-made and meant for me ….

When you are away, you send me that text that simply says: Good night. In a way it gives me an insight of the person you are. You let me marvel at your simplicity, at the same time letting me unravel the mystery that lies behind your eccentricity. You are the reason why I am your diamond in the rough, I smile in the midst of a tough day knowing very well that I look forward to the salmon you cook me for dinner. What’s bigger? You reward me with your gift of listening, I award you the best man as you lift my spirits up, you shift me from a place of discomfort albeit the task. You know I love flowers so you didn’t ask but got me a vase to keep them! You know I love showers so in this case you let us spend hours in it, you even help me mask my face ….

When I cry, you don’t think am a baby but you let me take it out on you. It’s how you treat me on a daily basis, you never leave me but you see through me, you appreciate the things I write you, in a way I speak to you through the poetry, you sway my thoughts when you play me Floetry, it’s an array of bliss that we both enjoy music. It’s the joy that we are in sync in so many ways. It’s the movies we love to watch, it’s the smoothies we love to catch over our conversations, it’s the scotch we love to snatch over our sensational night activities. It’s the pillow fights after the steamy sex, it’s watching Camp Lazlo with you when am low, it’s relishing the creamy white forest you got me. I mean, am not even a sweet tooth but truth is: For your little pleasures, anything baby!