I wish the inflation could affect a portion of your heart, so it could make you love me double. I wish you would have trouble finding me, so I would be precious. Not like a commodity but in reality you would require me like a basic need. I wish you would not retire after a long day without me. If you did, I wish you would aspire to be with me.

The shopkeeper would be cupid, they would be lucid enough to hoard me. I wish you could see that I am a keeper so you would buy me at any price just to hold me. You would then be surprised that I should have been priceless!  Nevertheless, I wish that you would appreciate me, whether or not the market depreciated or retaliated.

I wish that during the shortage of good love, you would have me. Maybe that way we would be together till old age. Like a good product we would be cool, timeless and priceless. It kills me that in my everyday endeavors I think of you hoping that you would see me. I was just shopping & thinking of the current inflation situation, wonder how I started relating it to you ….