What is wrong with you? You keep me waiting all night long while you are out with your friends. Last week you were about starting a new. I knew that you were bluffing because you have said that so many times. We are the laughing-stock in the hood. In a crude manner we go arguing everywhere. The man I used to know wouldn’t do that. You used to love me in everything I wore, now all of a sudden you hate my hats, my pants, my guts, this war between us hurts me. That’s why I tore our wedding certificate, it means nothing when I have been waiting for you to act right. I spoke to the advocate and letting go of you is hard, I have tried getting rid of you but you always come back, crying like a baby. You keep lying to me, maybe I shouldn’t have believed you the first time. Love don’t cost a dime but you take all my money. It’s funny because when we got together, you  were the provider, now you divide us and I think it’s better if we separated. I hate it when you make me desperate, who are those damn bitches calling your cell?  You call our fights technical hitches, I think these are permanent glitches. No determinant that will set us free so please let me be, more importantly let me see you act your age. I can’t be with a man whose priorities are messed up, a majority of my friends keep telling me that I should leave you. See, you keep selling me that silly idea that we are married, but how come you always get carried away not to remember that? Our anniversary is in December, you always forget that, you have become my adversary. You promise to makeup but instead we still end up breaking up. Waking up without you by my side is normal, you don’t give me love no more. I don’t like to be alone especially when am at home, freshly made bread but no one to eat it with. I wanna get ahead of this relationship. Like an airstrip, I am ready to let the plane take off so don’t blame me for anything. You have already caused me too much pain so please let me go. I am planning to get out of town, for good so don’t come running after me this time. It’s not a crime to be wrong but you are always on the defense. I don’t sit on the fence because I want to but I thought that I would have saved you. Well I thought wrong, you are safe alone. Tom, I am tired of this storm brewing between us, please receive the divorce papers. Estranged Black Woman.