Tall, dark & handsome, that doesn’t have to be you, just as long as you are some man. She has no clue where you are but if you are that dude, then your super glue will find her, stick to her even click with her where necessary. She doesn’t want to be an adversary but a companion to you. Like a camera she wants to pan you through, if you are keen near her, she will keep you cool, when you endear to have her, she will serve you good, when you endeavour to hug her she will savour even the hood in you.

The perfect man, that doesn’t have to be you. Don’t buy her a dozen roses, only one will be enough. Don’t tell her about your tonnes of choices, only yes will be enough. In turn she will treat you like a King or better yet Prince “Akeem.” She will make you laugh at the silliest of jokes, she will take you through the deepest of hopes, trick you with that hoax but at the end of the day, she will be the reason why you wanna get ahead. No matter the season, she will put a crown on your head and be the reason why you butter your bread.

The brave man, that doesn’t have to be you. She is also as scared, all you need to do is spare her your fears. Hold her hands till late at night, fold your arms around her when she cries, notice her effort when she tries, promise her only if you will comply, listen to her even when she is high, reply to her texts even when the time is nigh. Make sure you pass her test, show her that you are that guy, make slow love to her, take her to her favourite shows, let her flavor it by rewarding you however she pleases. Kiss her, miss her, if she is hoarding anything she will stop holding & eventually open up to you.

Mr. Know It All. That doesn’t have to be you. She will teach you how to love, in return reach and meet her half way through. She wants a man who is true to himself, a man who is selfless, she hunts for a man who respects God. In retrospect, a man who seeks truce after a fight, a man who doesn’t use his might but his wit. Know your music & she will blow your mind by fusing her muse with it. When she gains or is in pain she will write you poems, you are right she is unique. You are right, it might be the case that you both make a classic antique, that is yet to be. Better yet, she seeks for you …