Can I be your muse? Let me amuse you when you are sad. Use me to get a tad more inspiration when you are down. Let me be your admiration when you touchdown at home. Let our combination be a culmination to be renown all over town and beyond. Let me be your comfort station where your train stops. Rain or shine, let me be hot for you but not too much to cool your vexations.  I might be shy but, indeed you will help me be all the things you need.

Can I be your music? Like the notes of a song, let us be intrinsic. Let me be your antidote when you need a remedy. Like a melody, I will use my euphony to blow your mind. You are the kind of man who deserves nothing less of these musical hues. Like the colours of the wind let my composition take you away. Like I am gone with your painting, let it be your ambition to find me. Like I am the masterpiece let it be your ultimate mission to have me.

Can I be your precinct? Not of a building but can our hearts be in-sync? Like a healing we can start afresh. Nothing demeaning let this not be about flesh but spirituality. Let not sex take over the sensuality but love-making. Let this not be about individuality but companionship. Like a ship wreck we will conquer the test of time. Heck we will be like a dime. I will occur in your accounts, not the bank but in your everyday plans.

Can I be your ink? Let me write deep into your heart. Let me inscribe this prose inside of you. Like a rose let me describe myself to you. Let my art flourish in true. So our friendship will pass the test of time. Even though I cry, I am laden as a thorn. Ready for the hardships. Let my petals soothe you. Like metals, let our alchemy be a smooth sail through. Like an academy we will have our own accolades. After the barter trade, we shall be left with only one thing, ‘notes to play.. ‘

So are you game?