She wants a strong man, but more importantly she needs one who will be hands-on while building a home. She doesn’t want to be alone in the house so she prays for a companion. In accord he should feel blessed under the union, and not oppressed by anything. He shouldn’t live by any code other than marriage.  A woman wants a man who will encourage her when she is down. When she is depressed, he will pick her up, lift her spirits up because he knows that she is an empress. It’s true that sometimes she is a mess, but she still prays for a good man.

She wants a friend, but more importantly she needs one who will lend her some empathy. She will be looking for a listening heart when she is hurt. She wants a friend whose dreams keep dancing close to hers. A friendship that is guided by the deep enhancing light of telepathy. A path into the sixth-sense, one that is blind to all humanity other than two acquaintances. A woman wants a friend who will help her pick up pieces of life, and bind them to complete the jigsaw despite the strife. It’s true that she hides a lot of things, but she still prays for a good friend.

She wants a child, but more importantly she needs one who doesn’t lie. She is hoping to have an honest child, in addition one who is respectful. One who will cherish the nest under which a family’s tradition is built.  A woman wishes for a beautiful child who will grow into a responsible and dutiful adult. One who will make their dreams possible through the hustle and flow of life. When she is old, low and stressed by the bustle of the city, the child will be her support system. She might seem uninterested but she prays. A woman is a stem off that branch of life, so how can she not pray for a child?

She wants salvation, not from the funny armies. She needs God. Like a nation, she needs His blessings and direction. She is looking for a relationship with the Almighty. She pleads for one that will leave her in reparation for any sin committed. She doesn’t want to be omitted when the heaven’s doors finally open. So she lets God do the tally, but in the mean time she intends to live a daily Christian life. The wrath of a woman has made her hate, even slide from her faith but that only means that she is human. She still prays for forgiveness.

She wants to protect Mother Earth, but more importantly she needs to connect with her. She feels the wind on her skin; this leads her to speak to the desert. It says that the world is an art that only she can understand, because she brings life into the standstill. She prays for a safer world, one that is guided by peace and equality, one that is led by wise men of tranquility and no discrimination. A woman prays for a world free of criminals but liberals. She is just a citizen with no power, but she still prays for a nation that will empower all mankind.