Do you ever look back at your life, and feel like the days, weeks, the months were moving at a snail’s pace? Not necessarily to mean destructive days, neither automatically constructive days per say but it seemed like some sort of time travel. Well, i do feel like that, almost all the time but especially this time of the year. Just a few days into the anticipated 2010, there are so many things we all look forward to as Kenyans or non Kenyans. There is the new constitution, that may hopefully be passed in 2010, maybe we could actually choose the destiny for those who will live the VISION 2030, there is South Africa, a first for the world cup to be held in Africa, there is the return of LOST> one of TV’s best shows of all time! the final and the sixth season, there is a whole lot of stuff going on..  As 2009 draws to an end, a lot to be proud of and to remember as well. The second ever MTV awards Africa were held in our city Nairobi, a lot of Kenyans finally re unite and re define twitter activity, Facebook will not be mentioned. Statistics show that a record number of kids joined primary school, hallelujah to the Millennium Development Goals!! Statistics also indicate a decrease in the HIV infection rate in Kenya, mmmmhhh, eminent persons Kofi Anaan and Ocampo came calling, what better way to salvage Kenya if we wont salvage it ourselves?

What is there for you to re call? What is there for you to hope for? Well, we all have different memories of this past year, drunken, sober and as well as our sane aspirations… Like the image of the girl waking up, is the echo inside my being. I feel like i can hardly remember 2009 as much as i still remember the month of December 2007.. And you know what haunts me the most, is how easy we all forgot about the post-election violence. Did you ever think about the innocent lives lost, the innocent children left homeless and the innocent blood shed?  “This is so cliché”, what we all say, but truth is we can never deny what happened. I tried to, but it dawned on me that i am always keen to watch the news, hoping to see something different from gangs, dirty politics, machetes, pangas, blame games but that’s what this country is made of. I figure that, to change the future, is as good as taking a break a deserved rest, it doesn’t necessarily mean blinding ourselves of the past but admitting that we went wrong and taking steps never to go back down that same path. How do we do that, if until now half of us haven’t read the proposed new constitution? The other half never voted anyway and among them don’t bother to get any civic education.. just thoughts.  On the other hand, i can hardly remember any positive thing out of 2008. I am guessing we was all disoriented and trying to bring back pieces shattered in 2007.

2009 was a great year or should have been as i reckon, not so many disasters, ok apart from the recent Nairobi Katrina!! I completed my studies at University, amen!! Graduation party real soon…  2009 lessons learnt, anyiko be selfless, anyiko let go of the past, anyiko believe in yourself, wake up as soon as yesterday! As soon as 2010 comes knocking, open you door and explore everything it has to explore. What have you learnt?