Definition of the word LOSTIE=> Someone who is obsessed by LOST, you know like me 🙂 Someone who has watched it religiously season 1 to 5, gotten well………….. LOST a couple of times but constantly kept on, watching it over and over, asking their friends questions about it, dreamt about it, wish they went to an island like that…..

OR simply said, a LOSTIE is also that person who never really gave the show the patience and attention that it deserved, their devotion, but thought it was one of a kind and still is interested in it and how it will end! So if you are reading this you are probably still a LOSTIE! ha, see i tricked ya’ll 🙂

OR even simpler, a lostie is anyone of the LOST characters.

Through out this post am gonna be posing questions, they are rhetorical and to be hopefully answered by the writers in the final season!

Nway this is the continuation to my previous article, “are you Lost or a Lostie?” Sooooooo… Americans totally suck! LOST premiered last Tuesday 2rd Feb across the U.S. I woke up Wednesday morning, as usual check my twitter trending topics and get so turned on! Lost was trending! Damn! So i got to the freaking page and what were the dafts doing? Every goddamned person was spoiling! Talking about who died and what finally happened to the plane, that suxx!

First, the lead writer Damon Lindelof already leaked info that either Jack or Locke, the two mainest of characters would die within the first episodes of Seas 6. So yeah,we have been spoiled for enough, how about LOST American twitter trenders shurrrup! So what am gonna do now isn’t spoil but theorize what LOST could be, i mean it’s symbolism to the real world/life, to you, to losties. Why has it taken the world by storm? I am just gonna use everything i have seen from season 5 going downwards back to 1.

It’s less than 24 hours before the world’s most talked about show final season 6 premiers across the globe! It is twisted as you would think! I don’t even know where to start. Ok, first they crashed in a mysterious, untraceable island,then after 100 days 8 out of the survivors were rescued, the ones who remained thought it was their destiny to do so. 3 years later those who left were all social misfits, worse than they were before they crashed in the island, it took them 3 years to then realise that the island was their destiny so then they decided to go back!

Since the island was supernatural, on going back they found that it had time traveled and now they were 30 years back there. When they first were at the island there was a mysterious hatch and they found that it had some wierd combination of numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 that had to be constantly punched, it was someone’s fault to not have punched the numbers on time and thus the flight ocenic flight 815 crashed! So was it fate/ destiny after all?

So now that they were back in the island 30 years back, it was when the Dharma initiatve (a scientific project that was based in the island) was being built and they saw the hatch that would later have the number punching being built. Well, i know you are lost already! Why the number punching? That one i will answer for you, it happens that the land beneath where the punk scientists built the hatch had certain electonic forces that later reacted with the components of the hatch and thats why the numbers had to be punched to somewhat neutralize the natural disaster the absence of number punching would cause, you now understand why the plane crashed on that day that someone called Desmond forgot to punch the numbers?

Ok, so we have finally gotten to the finale of season 5!! The surviving losties unanimously decided to bomb the hatch, so that then 30 years to come when they actually crash, they dont! If they successfully destroy the hatch then maybe 30 years later they could change destiny, meaning all those who died in the crash/ the island come back to life and everyone has a chance to start a new!

But then if they had just stayed put in the island when they got there, none of these things would have had to happen!


I think LOST is symbolic for purgatory, i think when they crashed, they all actually died, the island was then a place where they only were alive to start a new life but in real life they were all dead, however they came back to life/ the real world due to their absence of submission to the island’s destiny!  In summary, how many times have we found ourselves in life situations and try to fight out of them? Instead of dealing with them, living with them? In short, LOST is a teaching that in whatever life situation that comes your way, do not run away from it as it is most probably fate but use it as a stepping stone, learn from it, that you may never go back to your old bad state and then want another chance to go back to the opportunity you lost again!

LOST was an opportunity to a second chance to life, but most of the LOSTIES did not see it a that, how many opportunities are placed right in front of you everyday but you dont see them as that? You think you are too insignificant until it’s too late!

Trust your instincts, your heart, when DESTINY calls, answer!


According to, LOST came number 2 after Supernatural in top of 09 series! LOST made Time’s list of the 100 Greatest Shows of All Time!  LOST also came 5th on Empire magazine’s list of the top 50 Greatest Shows of All Time!  The New York Times, defined LOST as the show with perhaps the most compelling continuing story line in television history!

Ask yourself why you never gave it the attention, it deserved!