weaveA lot of peeps agree that hair and it’s styling says a lot about a person. Another camp settles on shoes on the same, I personally am in total agreement with both parties. I feel that like a jigsaw is your style and image, incomplete without a top to bottom symmetry, all the pieces have to be in sync.

Am just going go straight to the Nairobian girls Weave Menace and the Nairobian dude Weave-Hate parade. A boyfriend once threatened me that he would dump me the day I would  put a weave on my head, well I did not put one, I have never anyway, but not because of him but just because am just not ready to put a weave yet.  Don’t get me wrong, if I want to put one, I will do just that, and on top of that, rock it! Some Kenyan girls actually do have good-looking weaves. Renown trend setters all have weaves, I mean check Beyonce, check Tyra, check Keri Hilson, check Brandy, she even got a weave company or something like that. Check Rihanna, you honestly didn’t think all that was her hair, they call it bonding, am going to discuss that a bit later. Anyway just because most girls are doing them wrong doesn’t mean it’s cool to hate on them all, so now lets see where the problem is.

It’s rather clear that weaves are ubiquitous in Kenya yet unanimously hated upon, is it the girls to blame, or pathetic salonists? Am going to go with the girls, if she aint’ rocking her shit, hate on her not it. Like shoe size is paramount when buying a pair, so is weave choice when deciding on that hair style.


1. The weave type/ hairstyle type

Weaves are either synthetic or natural/ human hair. If you got human hair weave you can treat it like your hair, tong it, brush it, braid it, wash it, condition it, but women do not do all this on synthetic weaves, they stink. Synthetic weaves are suitable for braiding/ twisting  hairstyles.

2. Braiding/ Bonding

Braiding is when you got the cornrows around your head and the weave is attached/ sewed to your head. Then bonding is what most of the weave trend setters do, then here you are wanting to compare your hair to Beyonce’s errrr…… not that easy girl! Nway so bonding is when your natural hair is split into little portions and the weave is stuck to the portions using wax or a special adhesive glue from the scalp, so in the end your hair and the weave are mixed up together from the scalp, this might chomoa your hair if not done by a professional.

riri3. Ongoing care

Here is the catch, whether your weave is synthetic or human hair, care is essential and must be observed to the letter. The longest a weave should be on a head is at least two months, but there goes your typical Nairobian girl with a four-month old weave walking around town, eeeuw! A weave is definitely not your hair, well technically it is your hair, because you bought it but anyway you get the point.

Girls you have to buy the right hair products for them, wash them often, if you don’t do this the hair will stink and could even carry bacteria, leaving your scalp with dandruff or other dermatological ailments.

So Kenyans should generally style up in the sense of general hair knowledge. The right choice of both hair and salonist must be considered. At the end of the day, weaves were meant to complement the black woman’s beauty as black hair is generally all roughed up but if it aint working, short hair or natural hair should come first, to them weaves so go natural woman.

BONUS: Money and quality weave availability is also a stall around here. I mean Tyra has spent up to 3,000 dollars on a wig, a weave even double that, Beyonce has spent up to 10,000 dollars on a weave.