He is a musician by profession, my magician in discretion, not of a circus but of  my heart as he heals all the fracas of  my hurt. He loves to be in the spotlight, at night after his show we have candle lit dinner in slow mo, on our spot lit dimmer just like he likes it, no homo, i mean he is a celebrity! Just like electricity he is essential to general functionality, the special general who sustains my sanity, he is the lead singer of his band, but to me, he is my band of elasticity, he twists and turns my emotions, when he holds my hand he sings and turns me wild, i swing and run shy, my worries burn away, i throw the ashes in the oceans….

A lot of fans always tweeting about him, i loath this as i am the one needing him the most, i am the one speeding his beats the most; not of music per minute but of ghosts of  love with no limit, leaving him haunted and bleeding in passion, leaving him knowing that he is hunted and wanted for countless sessions; not of rehearsals but of referrals, i am like his patient who is sick and in dire need for medicine, he is my doctor so patient to seek the vaccine to my illness, my sweetness, my heart rests in his hands….

He signs a thousand autographs but he minds only one photograph, that of me, he says that, ‘it’s worth 1000 words’…. It might seem mean but in his graph, i am constantly rising, no graft but fair, the mean score instantly surprising at top of them all, no flare. He scoops awards at several events; not only musically but he is liberal, he never vents but wins my heart’s award too, fair and square, that’s why i share this with you, please don’t find me queer.  In the entertainment world he is a superstar! In my temperament word is, he’s my star! In my geography department, he is my luster, my lasting rock that shines! In my hearts compartment, he is my never rusting metal, that galvanizes me from all evil, realizing him free from all ego….

I just fell in love with THE musician.