I am afraid OF Love …. What is it? Like electricity it supplies for basic maintenance but never to infinity so I hide behind the menace because I don’t wanna run low. When its good, it glows so bright anyone can tell that you are smitten but what happens when the light dims out at the end of the tunnel? Like a homeless kitten you are left alone in search of a new home, where to start?

I am afraid TO Love …. Last time it broke my heart but am lucky I got out unscathed. I don’t like speaking about it, let alone writing around it. Like ungrateful fools are many, un-cool pretenders wasteful of the heart’s contents, it’s always hard to tell of their intent, pretentious,  obnoxious or even outrageous in the end what matters is if they knew what lies deep in me. Like an arson I want to burn all the bad memories so I can start afresh, is it a crime?

I am afraid to HAVE Loved …. I didn’t get it back in return. May be that wasn’t my turn or it just wasn’t the right tunnel through which I passed. I must have been very stupid to have poured out my feelings, now all I keep hearing is my mind telling me to stop every time my heart’s clock starts to race. Like an athlete I want to embark on a thorough training, problem is it keeps raining so am wondering, could I emerge victorious?

I am FRAIL not to Love …. It’s a beautiful thing that only resembles the rainbow. It’s an ensemble of life’s little pleasures that beneath it lies no measures. Like a dirty canvas it’s underneath awaiting the painter’s hands to do justice, anyone deserves a taste of it. I observe that just like a painting without hue is its absence inside of you and me. Like a craving we need to have it, let’s not be selfish like the fat kid hoarding his cake, always holding back, we can let loose, can’t we?