Fine ass babe. That doesn’t have to be you just as long as you will last past the haze. You will need to find him and set his heart ablaze because he believes that you will bind him in your goodness. You will be his queen and in return he will be your highness despite your shyness. Like a movie scene, he will be your director. If you are a budding actress, he will be flooding you with scripts, even letters. If you can encrypt his information then it will be the formation of your love’s foundation. Like a nation blessed with richness will be your relationship, full of enrichment & endearment.

The perfect woman. That doesn’t have to be you. Don’t pretend to be the best cook, just intend to be his best hookup to a good meal. Don’t bend your beliefs because of him, he is looking for an honest woman, one who heals after a wound. If you are in earnest, he will love you through and through. If you are true to him, he will turn your blue into sunny days. Give him his due and he will turn your lime into honey. You will find that being behind him will be better than any amount of money. You will search far and wide but no one will drive you as wild like him, make you unwind easy like he does.

An angel. That doesn’t have to be you. He is looking for a beautiful spirit. A bountiful harvest that will leave him feeling like he had the merit. He loves a little nasty once in a while, not forgetting a constant classy will be a worthwhile prerequisite. Be his exquisite rock and he will render you constant visits on a roll. Splash him insistently with your spleandour, he will stash your fears and in remainder be your serenader. He will love you so readily and tender, in return serve him steadily no matter the day of the calendar.

Gabrielle Union. That doesn’t have to be you just as long as you are real. Like holy communion he needs to partake you for a reason. No matter the season, he will have a meaning for your presence. He is looking for a woman who isn’t wooed by presents but one who is intelligent and sensible. You must be able to care for him, prepare his meals, dare to question his deeds, satisfy his needs, gratify his actions, quantify his reactions, qualify to do all his transactions, sanction his doubts. When he is in trouble, your smile will bring him above the rubble. You are right, you can both handle each other well. As for now however, he seeks for you …