I am looking for a sizeable room. I heard you were looking for a mate, I want in. In it, I don’t need service, a bed or even ventilation—just you. And if we suffocate, we can learn to breath again. If we communicate, we can kill this illiteracy. Everyday could be our chance to read and write. Not fantasy novels or manuscripts but the language of two people.  Sounds like fun huh? And when we are done, leave me no room for doubt.

I want in. Give me room. In it, I don’t need doors, just your direction. Show me which way leads in OR out. Not to the hall but into your heart’s vault. So that if I stumble inside, it won’t be just my fault—but ours. It’s a lot to ask to co-habit without a television, we’ll have to make our own cinema. I have a vision. You be the guy. I will be the girl. We might mess up, so we’ll let God be the director, as He is always watching over us. And by the time He is done mending us, He won’t leave us room for doubt.

I want in. Give me room. In it, I don’t want to be judged or prodded. Don’t ask me questions but I will tell you of my imperfections. That’s because we all make mistakes, and I am just a student. Let me learn from you. Though inexperienced I want to teach you a thing or two, too. I am guilty of admiring you and wanting to fuse bits & pieces of me with your hues. Walk slowly so you don’t trip and fall over me. For I am not lonely but alright— so just walk up to me. And if your room is full, it’s cool. Just know that I won’t leave you room to doubt that I am enough.