308469_4068108455605_1591842920_n - CopyDrinks, holidays, dropping parties and panties; it’s another end of calendar, and start of endless new-year messages, resolutions and god-knows-what. It’s another opportune moment to write off the wrongs and ills of the past year, and to write anew the thrills of a promising new year.

As I bid 2012 adieu, I am nothing less than motivated and made better and stronger by my achievements just as much as my shortfalls. It was great writing. It was great getting a promotion at my TV job. It was great managing a record label. It was great featuring on a magazine cover. It was great meeting and interviewing Dwelle, Akon, Erykah Badu and Joe among others. It was great resigning at some jobs that felt like bad relationships. And as for relationships, the one or two, all undefined—were good all the same. It was great to love, feel loved, wanted, unwanted, feel like a bother and then wanted again. In all these aspects revolving around my life, the biggest lesson I have learnt this year is to appreciate myself and learn to tolerate nothing less of persons who appreciate me, themselves and those around them.

I’ve learnt that, you’re the only obstacle between yourself and failure. The same way, you’re the sole road to your own success. I am sick of people treating others (including me) like less of humans because of [their] disorganization or ignorance. I am sickened by negativity and in the coming year, I am not taking anyone’s bullshit.

I want to be like London-raised, Nairobi-born, Kuljit Bhamra, composer and producer from London. His ‘Man in a Suit’ profile in the Intelligent Life Nov-Dec 2012 issue inspired me a lot. Kuljit contracted polio at the age of one and has since been wearing leg braces, which in the 53 years that he’s been alive, haven’t dampened his spirit. “I am not really sad about my leg because I’ve never run, I don’t know what it’s like to have that, and I’m not in pain. My sadness is that life’s amazing but it’s so short. I want to see everything, but there’s not enough time. We’re really such a small event in the life of the planet. I find that amazing and glorious and precious, but at the same time deep down I find it sad,” he said.

As I march into 2013, like Kuljit, my spirits are high. And would love to inspire anyone who’s bumped into this blog post to fuck past failure or triumph; let’s make tomorrow the best we can mould it to be, having in mind that tomorrow is now. That way we have the security of always celebrating our good times and move one swiftly once we fall.

BONUS: Here are some links to some fine people, books & places I encountered in 2012, enjoy 🙂 And cheers! Thanks for reading.

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