Dear Dad,

While you silently smile and shine down on me like a star; not a single day passes without missing you. While you never visited me in my dreams for nearly a decade, not a single day passed without me daydreaming about the kind of man you must have been, to have touched all the lives you did and still gave me one. While your graveyard grew old and ragged, your epitaph stood strong like your legacy and my faith that soon you will meet me, even if only in my dreams. So we can talk about how it seems like it was just yesterday when a 7-year-old girl tightly held your hand while you were lying inside the cold mortuary as she wondered, why Dad wouldn’t wake up. Since you’ve been gone, I never changed. I am still 25 and dreaming of you; waking up and your infectious laugh. I dream of stroking your soft skin, picking up your calls just to vex you, and marveling at your graceful eyes and smile. While you were away, I was still your  HUGE fan.