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The name Black Roses is derived from my first name, Rose. I tend to feel that I am as rare as a Black Rose and thus a bunch hard to find or replicate. I am black, and so with every pluck of my flower, so many stories and deepness from within falls.

Founded in 2009 as part of a university school assignment – this blog has given me the deserved space and freedom to share my feelings with the world. From rants, raves to love and loss. I find writing so therapeutic as I am poetic at heart. It is here that I found refuge when I was let down and heart broken or needed a space to share my happiness and gratitude. I coined the category prosetry from the fact that I mostly fuse poetry with prose. However, not all poems and short stories on this blog are based on my personal life. A lot has been inspired by many people I’ve met or dreamt about.

The blog is at 9 years old now. Since it’s inception, I have sharpened my writing skills, expression, tastes and preferences, and find that I now have a more journalistic approach to posts. I love detail and long features.

I am also the founding and current editor of Coke Studio Africa’s blog and Not Just Ok East Africa. I have worked as Associate Editor of UP Magazine, contributed for the Goethe-Institut, Kenya’s Saturday Daily Nation, international magazine on African Fashion and Achievements: ARISE, Smartlife Magazine and YUMMY Magazine, among others.

I am a also a journalist, publicist and founder of Anyiko Public Relations, based in Nairobi. I have worked as a part-time model before. Being featured in fashion spreads among them True Love Magazine and Healthy Woman Magazine as a cover model was cool. For 7 years, I worked as a TV Host, Producer and Director on Grapevine TV Show on KBC, Kenya’s longest-running entertainment magazine show. I wrote about it here

I am still on a learning curve, joyously gravitating towards authenticity, African achievement and celebration. Join me!


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