Due to public demand, we had to have a part 2 right? RIGHT.

1. .Nelson.

He is a fighter, believes in his life policies and lives by them. He is hood and he blends perfectly with it. He dresses hood too, he always got the hoody thing going on and sometimes even baggy pants. When it comes to women, he is not afraid to win any woman’s heart, no matter the differences. Nelson doesn’t choose, he could fall in love with any woman and he would never be ashamed to claim her heart.


She is a dime and she’s fine too. She knows what she wants, her goals are well drafted and she works towards achieving them day and night. Maureen is an achiever. She is however a tough friend to seduce and to please, she just doesn’t roll with anyone other than who she digs. She rarely has enemies but she will destroy anyone who tries to tamper with what she loves.

3. Benard.

Just like Mercedes-Benz, he is smooth. He has a free spirit and loves to indulge in his hobbies to the max, whatever they may be! He is passionate about his love and dreams, he is more or less like Nick (refer to the earlier part one of this post here https://anyiko.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/looks-may-be-deceiving-but-names-dontpart-1/ ) He likes to fool around with the ladies because well, they like him too but eventually Bena wants to do right! He is seen as an extrovert but deep down he is in sync with his emotions just like Nick. However, Benz has a faint heart that keeps him going though! So girls don’t phunk with his heart.

4. Mitchelle.

First  and foremost, she got style! She got her own way of doing almost everything, as you all roll with the crowds she rolls with her style! She is rare just like Shirleen (refer to part 1). She is an ant and will work tirelessly even after achieving her goal. Calling her a go-getter would be an understatement. She got one helluva self-esteem and drive that for any guy to hit on her, he has to first up his game! Once you have her, be sure she’s a keeper she isn’t into dramas like the Shikos n Shiros (refer to part 1) Given a chance to a second life, she wouldn’t want to be anyone else!

5. Will.

Just as his name suggests he (WILL) always make promises most times he can’t keep! He consequently avoids by all means ever having to be the third wheel; he will always make multiple plans and not be able to attend to them all. Will is charming, he is the smaller version of Chris. If not careful he could turn out to be a heartbreaker. Will however has confidence like no other! No one brings him down by any means. He loves to fool around and stuff but when the time comes he eventually settles down and lets maturity lead the way.

6. Brenda.

She’s a mummy’s girl. She is also her girlfriend’s girlfriend! She is into the girl power ish! Will always be ready to do anything for her mum or her girls! Brenda likes her style secret, doesn’t like to see others cramping her style which BTW is reserved and at the same time casual smart. If insulted by a dude, she wouldn’t hesitate to hit him with her handbag!

7. Delvin/Melvin.

They are gems. How many Delvins and Melvins do you know of? They are among the last surviving traits of Joe as they love to praise their women but given the opportunity to show their worth they rarely raise to the occasion. Ooopsy! He is however amazingly talented at what he’s good at. When you meet a Melvin or a Delvin there will be something about them that you will make you forever try to figure them out. When you do, you will know that they are great passive friends to have. They were also blessed with a great sense of style and humour too!

8.Laureen/ Lauryn

She has the perfect name and she is the perfect person, metaphorically and literally. She rarely has any flaws. She actually makes other girls want to be just like her. She does not fight for anything; she is very civilized and will always follow protocol. Unlike your expectations, she is not an introvert; she indulges in several activities with extroverts but still maintains her sanity. Everyone wants this kind of girl because she’s the one you want to take home to your mama and aunty. Lastly she can cook and sing, real good.

9. Jason/Trevor/ Terrence

Very attractive! Please note that there is a difference here between attractive and handsome. Jason and Trevor aren’t handsome per se but they would hardly pass near you without your acknowledgment! These are the kind of dudes who will make a girl feel like she’s under their drug prescription. They make you feel like you want to get a piece of their love, session after session; be it sex or just conversations. His personality is similar to James’ (refer to part 1) He never wants to say it aloud, unlike mouthy Chris but he is also a heartbreaker just that he (Jason/Trevor) believes that breaking hearts is part of the life chain. He is not a relationship keeper by any means, but a great buddy by all means! Trevor, Jason and Terrence love music.

10. Kevin/Kev.

Fairly social dude sometimes referred to as Kevo. He seems to sail along quite well with almost everyone. He could as well be compared to the female version of Jackie. Lots of stuff just come his way and he always finding himself with several options. This is the catch, Kev will always be that sweetheart because he feels like his life is overcrowded so he wouldn’t mind having less stalkers/friends in it. He is mean at times though most times he comes out as just that good guy. He scrutinizes his women thoroughly even though he is an emotional coward who he takes forever to break up with someone! Eventually he goes nuts looking for that perfect girl who all that while was possibly right there next to him .

11. Brian/ Brayo

He is a cute guy sweet guy, either always trying to have that bad boy image or trying to do bad boy stunts, just to satisfy his ego! The thing with Brian, is his heart. He is into all sorts of things, nasty stuff and all but at the end of the day he  just cant help it but go back to the nice person deep down. All his friend scan count on him. When it comes to love, he always going to funx it up as love don’t love Brian. His traits are almost close to those of Kev.

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