Baby I remember so vividly. It was December when you took this heart so swiftly, that letter … Now almost 6 years later we are so insecure. Funny it still hurts, because we were so secure. It’s now sunny but I still wonder what the cause was. I feel its kind of late for a resolution, so stop trying to hate, just love. Instead try stop the pollution of feelings and shop for a solution of healing.

You see, I am still not sure whether you abused me.  Then I see the weather and  feel the reel on me and I start to think you used me. Guess it’s true that nothing is for certain, I wouldn’t have stayed there anyway hurting. Here is a tip, your guilt trips aren’t working It’s great to be in my own control. I used to think that what you see is what you get, but no you haven’t seen nothing yet because  I don’t care if you are upset. Things went haywire and  in my mind the sun went down and trust went through the wire.

I finally make a choice but with no voice. It’s not right that I just write as  I wish I would say this to you. Make no mistake; my flag is hoist its tag devoid of noise. I just wonder what lies ahead of the road, is it another boy-wonder? Or is it a brother disguised as a boy behind lies? My head on the road ahead and i wonder if its one that truth undergone destruction or is it one that truce is undergoing construction?

My hope is for this heart. That no fear will crop it, instead it will near its will and not drop it. My wish for the heart that lost the battle is to believe in the immensity of love, that the hurt may be lost in the rattle of love’s intensity. Its time to let go of the crime we were accomplices to. The time we were accustomed to. You said to me, “girl you are a dime.” Well, i still am, so you should recognize. We are now in different places but still acquaintances. I asked you then, “Do you want to be the last man standing?” Was it ten axes past the last machine working? I never got the answer in time, it was a hazard, so I pressed the buzzer.