Its the freaking state I didn’t want to be in seeing the bleeding spite I was living in before. My heart just obeyed the thrust! Maybe I should have just stuck to sprite & obeyed my thirst! Like some Antz lived in Insectopia, I couldn’t ante – up to this utopia. . . Damn! They got me so intoxicated yet they bet too I was the designated driver. And they shouted, ‘screw the driver!,’ . . . as I mounted the screw driver in the dilapidated fuse box, I thought, “these fools wanaingia box vi- unorthodox not knowing the precedented danger!” That later, one head would be deca  pitated!

As I drive the Land rover, it thrives past the rest of the cars landing over & jumps over the so called late traffic lights, no screech but heights! So superficial, so official, race so deathly like Death Race, driver of race so damning like Race Driver! Baby that feeling is so despicable! Can’t explain, you can’t wait, no bait rules but speed! Its like a dive in latent water so cold unexplainable! As we cruise, we all scream in the thrill . . . It suddenly hits me in oblivion that this shit rules but so loose it freaking kills! Maybe kesho niko hosi pavilion, fuck! This is horse shit!

(LOUD BANG!!!! ) Darkness prevails ….(suspense)

When I opened my eyes, I was alone like in a dream. It was white as snow, I saw my clone looking clean …. a loner it seemed. Ooohh. . . . so my life ended, in the midst I jacked my neck real bad on the 11th hour. If it was a terrorist even jack bauer couldn’t hack that! Damn! Does it mean given a second chance to a sane life my second means to an end would still end the same way, in a split second? What a conflicting drill to understand that here I stand contrasting my drink that was so fulfilling, so I chill …. Oooohh… It’s that drug that drag me to my death. . . . ok. So I look down & see my friends & fiends all locked down, crying out for me. . . Laying out condolences for me, ambulances blaring out loud! Damn the pandemonium!

I see a policeman walk to my mourning friends, very early in the morning. ‘Peace man!,’ says the doctor, ‘none of the x rays were doctored!,’ he says, it was bad & it’s in the files…. It’s unfortunate .Its now unanimous that my clique is an x file, too late to click in an anonymous. Damn! The policeman subpoenas my pal Agripina, its alleged that she provided the booze & crystal meth. It’s now crystal clear how I met my invited end, so loose. So high a price, so damn high the rise, so damn high it cost me my life. I can’t sober down, can’t come back down even if I wanted, my honour haunted bleeds, like so wanted are the sober breeds!!

Piece inspired by a friend who almost lost his life in a road accident, last year.