Hey there,

Yeah we haven’t spoken in 6 weeks, all those! It’s because we are broken. Not like a porcelain doll baby but you are like a valentine’s day that went wrong and took its toll.  It’s not crazy but hard, it’s a purple haze i cant see through, it’s a hurdle i cant unscrew,  a mystery, seriously it’s an inefficiency that you facilitated, in disguise of having emancipated thy self, but it was in despise and what you didn’t realize was that it was an iniquity. Despite our duo having reached the shelf life why would you call yourself my somewhat jilted lover?

Did i have her? No, i did not, i kid you not. Since the last time we were together havent been with anyone, not literally but sensually, personally,  i have been alone, my heart now a stone, lonely, if only you knew. Nway there’s nothing new, i am the same old fine, thank you, it’s a shame that i have been lying here sly, trying to hate you but inside I am dying trying to create another you, erase this from a brother. In case you never knew, i run to sleep at night, I hunt to seek through my nights, all for that one possibility, that i might meet you in my dreams…

I am better now and glad that you wrote me that letter. I am however sad that only that nightmare prompted you to write me, the scare haunted you to write me. What happened to the days when you used to bite me, kiss me, txt me, say you missed me every 2 minutes? Limit is what we never had, summit is what we aimed to have, to reach the top of the mountain, not of rock climbing but that which draws a fountain of love. Yes, i think of you, i sink in your thoughts, a lot, i do remember especially september, your bday, that day with the bee on your pretty nose, your sexy panty horse, your sassy voice when panting, our partying days, your sick days, everything… Yes i miss you honey.

Love right back at you.