Like a train wreck, it’s hard for me to get back on rail when you hurt me. I cry in the rain hoping to wash all the pain away but at the end am like a stray dog looking for love in all the wrong places.  Little did I know that out of all the faces I have met yours is the one place for me … Like a cat and mouse chase is our love, a jigsaw.

When I saw you with another woman it broke my heart, my brother warned me of you but like a bad disease I can’t rid my heart of you. I can’t resist the sound of your voice, It’s like a fresh breeze in the midst of the madness, your eyes are a mystery to be resolved. Your touch makes me dissolve in your magic and the rest is history.

The story thickens, I am sickened of the fact that I still love you despite your faults, I still have you in spite of the falls and stumbles. You somehow still remain humble and honest, maybe a reason why I am unable to destroy our little nest. You however test my patience, I mean every time you get undecided. Now I want to know, if you were to make a choice, who would you rather be by your side?

Inside my heart is a stone so hard that needs to be broken, the one to break it must have the secret token which I think you do possess. In the process I have taken in a lot of consideration in the duration that we were separated and figured out that I am more frustrated when you are away. Like Mary J, in a twisted way I would rather fight with you than be without you. I might be making a mistake but that’s life, all about risks.

Like a quick fix we need each other on a daily dosage. It’s like you held me hostage, just that I am a willing captive who surrenders to your evil deeds which  fit my rare needs. Like a good show we need not adhere to the written script of our story, but that which is clipped on our door every morning saying, “sorry I pissed you off last night” Its heavy but If I kiss you every time we fight this bitter-sweet affair might survive the longevity…