Re- Introducing the songstress, Marsha Ambrosius, from Floetry. I first heard about her solo debut from #myown music dictionary Macharia 🙂 Glad to report that she is plain awesome and by all means among Rising Icons. I have since went an extra mile to give a listen to her mixxtape, ‘Yours Sincerely’ which has great tracks among them. YouTube them, NOW!

I have literally had late nights/ early mornings gripping on the 13 tracks of ‘Late N & Early M’ since I got my hands on the album fresh from the March 1st release. What defines Marsha is her sultry vocals and raw lyrics. She is additionally deep, sort of like a representation of all the things around love and relationships that we really feel and would want to spat out but we don’t. If Marsha was a dude, she would be semi-closest to Maxwell in deep extents.

2.With you 05.00

This is a very good entrée into the album, raw to the core! A true babymaking jam! She sings about how she just can’t wait to get down to business with her man. 100 miles an hour? She wonders how fast he would want her to go… You really need to be in a relaxed mood when listening to this one, you will then realize that the song is sort of like a musical love-making experience. When the song ends, she even makes a loud orgasmic scream, this woman!

The 3rd song is album titled. Late nights & Early Mornings has that sexy feel of Ciara’s “Promise.” The story continues from where “With you” left. The morning after the late freaky night, she promises to still keep it up, if he lets her she can still give him good love all night long. And the sexy vid 

4.Hope she cheats on you (With a basketball player) 04.00

This is a serious bile song. The perfect dedication to the Ex who left you high and dry after having took you for granted. Marsha sings to her estranged lover that she is a little bitter about his new relationship, she hopes that he remembers how their sex was so good, he will probably need Viagra to keep it up without her! She now hopes that his new girlfriend cheats on him with a basketball player. When a relationship ends bad, you know you wish your ex these sort of things if not worse! Super replay track!

5.Far Away 07.15

Replay song ! This is a story of late realization of how much a loved one meant to you. She sings that if she knew, she wouldn’t have come home on that Sunday morning, because she found the cops at home to tell her that he was found alone in an empty room. She was the one to identify him, as her baby… She wrote this song in connection to her gay friend who committed suicide following discrimination. This is a special dedication to the loved ones who we lost in one way or the other since they are now far away. True R&B with a cause Far Away Vid

6.Loose Myself 05.00

I really love this one. It’s just a story of how sincere love is until you meet someone who has ill intentions and makes you hurt. She sings about having to be selfless despite the fear of failure. Despite the breakups and heart breaks, at some point we all want to lose ourselves in love.

8.I want you to stay 03.45

Neo-soul. This is the kind of song that would feature on the Soul lounge artist spotlight… It’s definitely your iPod playlist material. With a Michael Jackson ‘Stay’ feel when you hear it, you will appreciate it.

10. Tears 02.50

This is so ‘Misty Blue’. A story of a grown woman who is not afraid to beg for him not to leave. A perfect dedication to an ex partner who you want back. The kind of ballad to hear over a wedding anniversary dinner or something like that just to remember how far you have both come.

12.The Break up Song

I love the song’s simplicity. It’s just a good vocal arrangement and the piano. Not much left to do or say as it’s over is all about it. The perfect break up song when you know that it’s completely over and the differences are irreconcilable. Sigh.


Neo-soul, incarnated. You can feel the Floetry in this track! I especially connect with this one because I am the queen of crushes! You know when you have a crush on someone, just the thought of them gives you butterflies.

BONUS: Marsha has since been nominated for two Grammy’s. Watch a video of her live performance at Grey Goose’s Rising Icons. Enjoy!