I am breaking up with you because it’s no longer working for me. You are like a dog always barking at me while I am the crazy bitch always shouting at you! You are the one always doubting me and my motives while I am the one who was always active in the relationship, quite the daunting task. Like a man behind a mask, I don’t know who you are any more, like any normal girl i cant trust you any more ….

I am not changing my mind this time because I am tired of arguments ranging from “he said, she said.” That night my heart sailed away when you hit me for no reason while you are the one who was wrong. It hit me because I read the emails she sent you, I bet you didn’t know that I had your Gmail, well what do you know females can wail but also investigate very well ….

I am not taking back my love from you, keep it. When it’s cold at night and you can’t sleep without me, sample how deep I meant to you, for example try find someone else to be with, oh hell she won’t please you like I did! She won’t release you from your stresses like I did! Most definitely it will not be what you envisioned, instead she will imprison your heart not like I did in love, but in mistrust ….

I am giving you good loving one last time before I get with the leaving program. So tonight have this diagram in your head, that I will be giving it good to you. I wanna be mean to you but I will also miss you when am gone, so before I set on this journey alone, honey I mean to have this last celebration so in anticipation am taking a shower, will be expecting you in an hour….

I am sitting here crying because I love you, I keep trying to be with you but you never change instead you keep prying into my life, instead of fixing yours. I can’t keep mixing Love and Hurt so although you don’t want to, just let me go. I am nervous because this is going to be our last night together, anyway of course I will wear your favourite lingerie in respect of our camaraderie ….

See you when you get here!