Love should be like pizza—it’s all about sharing. If you are in a business of caring, you must throw a piece at your partner. If you want show some generosity share it with the gardener too. Out of curiosity feed your lover a piece of the delicacy and  in intimacy have them feed you back. Feel the need to share together, see the seed of the love to grow into maturity and purity.

Love should be like the sea—vast. It’s the mast that sails your boat to stay afloat and if you drown, it’s a must that it be your soul savior.  Do not frown, it’s not a bad thing to fall in it, just answer the call or simply dial SOS. It runs deep and there lies so much life in it. If you are keen you can derive so much pleasure in a love that has no measure.

Love is like a warm and cozy blanket, it’s the rosy life. You don’t need a life jacket as it covers your whole body from cold. And when you are under its covers, there lies no hurt or harm. It never gets old. And into its loving arms you can always fold and cuddle. It takes two to tangle. That way it makes you unravel the mystery of love, leaving the rest as mere history.

Love should be like tiramisu, just enough! After a rough day it makes you just want to have a scoop of it. Just by a look at it; you should want to have it! It’s an avenue to satisfaction, not a venue for dissatisfaction. The biggest fraction of its pleasure is derived from simplicity. Learn to arrive at its function with the capacity of quality, not quantity.

Love should be like music, a universal language. It’s not baggage but a special package. The receiver knows no deceiver but only one thing—that he is a believer. Its well crafted words flood your heart with happiness and nothing less. It’s not about a perfect dance but an instance of taking the chance with someone to last a lifetime. And when you have it, it doesn’t cost a dime or matter how you look— you just don’t give a damn.

Post Co-written by my soul sister Wanjeri of