Hey. Hello fear. Sometimes you are so near it freaks me out. At night when I pray you disappear but then when I don’t you reappear. You grip my heart, you strip me of my art, you rip me apart but I am still intact, just so you know. When I am low, you attack. When I am alone you distract me but by the larger part I am still me. Always will be, so leave.

Hello fear. You make me suppress my gifts. It’s like it surprises you that I am an empress. If I don’t express my needs then how will I get ahead of the rest? If I fail to pass your test, then you win. If I don’t chase you away from my nest, who will? If I say that I wasn’t afraid then I would be lying. The same way I can’t keep hiding from you, while dying inside. You no longer reside in me, so leave.

Hello fear. Let go of me so I can live in peace. But it’s not that easy, is it? If I believe in me then why do you still persist? If I resist to confront you now, then maybe you will keep insisting. You can’t be in front of me, so get back. Like a dog you keep barking at me, while I am the log which keeps lacking the strength to combat you. I now fight you, so leave.

Hello fear. You try to cripple me by causing ripples in my life. When I lost in the battle of love, it made me stronger. I moved onwards then I heard your rattle in the face of losing my job. I panicked but I surfaced with a lot, experience. Your appearance persisted as my friend jumped the hurdle unto heaven. I lost my mind but eleven months later, everything combined I found peace, so leave.

Hello fear. You are forceful but there is a stronger being, God. It’s all cool because I live through Him. You must have no clue that He protects me. That He is the connector to all things. That He is the forgiver to all the sins. That He Is the giver of life. You can’t see through this because you are blind, just leave my life’s stride. It might be a long and weary ride, but it’s one I am willing to take on, without you.

Hello fear, goodbye.