Boy you are a sight, I can’t even lie. Aside from it all, you are sacred. Even in the face of hurt, your heart knows no hatred or anger but adoration and love. Sometimes you are like a river, silent and deep, flowing full of emotion and I am glad, that I have you to keep. While in dire need, I found you. While entirely engrossed in it, like a gift you wrapped me up around you. Like a lift is your love to me, enriching, enticing, elating and surrounding. Around you is simplicity, I don’t strive to impress you. That’s because I am already your empress.

Boy you are some sport, I can’t even keep up. Like a mountain, you are steep and not easy to get across. When I did, I felt a form of achievement because you rewarded me with a rose laden with chivalry and appreciation. You’re like the fountain in my garden that keeps flowing, allowing me to bathe in the waters of serenity. We are hardened by your faithfulness to me and the Almighty, so God bless you babe. We are saddened by fights and incompatibility but we crawl, soon we shall walk, then we could run but not too fast to fall for in the long run, this is not windfall or a fallback, it’s our plan.

Boy you are handsome, I can’t even describe but I will try. Your eyes are the keepers to my secrets. I inscribe prosetry for you because you are the type that appreciates. Your chest is the pillow to my bosom. Your bottom is my up, and my double is your single win. Your kiss is sweeter than honey, your money has nothing on your hugs, you love is deeper than lust, so it lasts all day and night. In many ways, your touch is electrifying, satisfying and gratifying. Between the sheets and streets, you got class. Like a stone cast in the sea, you fall directly into my spot and if I had it all, without you skin deep, it would mean nothing.