Next time I see you, let me see through you. Let me seep through your mind and thoughts for we are illiterate and have failed in communication. Let your emotions sail free like the birds. Let your feelings sail blind like a bat. Let the reeling of your fears open free like that of a shipwrecked sailor for I will be your saviour. When I see you, let me touch you. I want to feel if your lips still fit in mine. And feel if my heart still beats faster than yours. I don’t want you to talk but whisper into my ears sweet nothings, that i want to decipher as if everything else in the dictionary is shit and only what you say under our sheets is real.

Next time you see me, I will let you see through me. I want to show you that I am deeper than what you presume. That I can be far from ordinary yet very close to the simple things that you like to consume. I will let you into my castle that’s guarded and endeared because you are the knight with the honorary task of winning me over. When you see me, let me end the battle, let’s not fight. Instead we might spend time getting to know each other the better. You don’t know me so I will let you discover the mine and if lucky you will uncover the dime, many yearn and search for. I don’t know you but if you’ll ever find me, we’ll both [know it].