Sipping on some coffee, you are sitting across the room far from me yet close, as far as my senses are concerned. You are right by the corner yet I am the one who feels cornered by your presence. You are right, I am intimidated by your stare. Your confidence is so intense. Illuminated by the light of day, you seem capable. I wouldn’t dare you to do anything, other than me. Leaning on the table makes me think you’ll break away and walk towards me. But you are hiding behind your allure and still keep seated. Deep set, are your eyes on me. On sight, to me, are your eyes and me. My mindset has you all over me, playing under covers, walking hand in hand like lovers unbeknownst to others and kissing for the first time like forever is today. But you order your bill and then look at me as if I was the food you were about to eat. My eyes are lit up by the passion you exude. And unfortunately you do but [really] don’t notice me. You leave as I order for another glass of wine to quench the thrill that only you Mr. Mystery Man could have quelled to my satisfaction.