I like doing business with you because we are reckless and care less what the world thinks. It’s how you satisfy my demands whenever I am in need. And how I qualify as in deed, the best lover you’ve ever had. It’s how you caress my brown skin when I am restless … and then I find myself braless and the rest becomes history. When you’re clueless, I let you rest your head on my chest and stare into my eyes that tell you stories speech could never communicate. When I am lost and can’t speak, you take me through an adventure in exploring each and every one of your treasures that no language could ever describe. Our pact inspires me. I admire that it knows no tribe or race but in fact; only the scribes of the hereafter. For even before we knew it; our trade was long-written and sealed in documents far more precious than our endless love letters or mere paper—it’s incredible! Though intangible, we uphold these documents that are today, art inside the proverbial shelf of our affection perfectly labeled as, “Affairs of the heart”, that many view and aspire to emulate if not imitate.