“Today I woke up and realized every day gets shorter. Every minute turns to the longest second – never-ending. Age is nothing but a reminder that doesn’t tell you how old or young minded someone is. We all start at the same starting point of a woman’s legs but each have our own finish line. Understand that this never ends and the only way to be immortalized is to be remembered, hopefully for right than wrong. It’s better to be in the hall of fame than shame, whether it exists for what you do or not; we create this world so we make what exists. It isn’t about the awards, it’s about the rewards of being immortalized and remembered for all the right reasons. Mistakes are forgotten. When it’s so late that it’s early and you need to drink and the bar is closed; remember why you do what you do. Despite the coldest drinks, the fastest cars and luxury, remember the adrenaline rush of creating what you think about with who thinks about you—your family and team. The joy of looking back and saying that you did it, is winning the game: it’s the hall of fame,”— Big Sean.