It didn’t come as a surprise to me that Shekhinah’s album was titled Rose Gold, because she’s got a voice and heart of gold. After five years in the music industry doing high profile collabos, and featuring in the influential Music Shows: Coke Studio ZA and Coke Studio Africa—Shekhinah finally released her highly anticipated debut album under Sony Music Entertainment (October 6th 2017).

I am honoured to have met and worked with Shekhinah last year during Coke Studio Africa – 2017, at a time when her album was still cooking. I just love the balance of the album. Shekhinah and her producers bring out big beats to match the lustre of her breathtaking yet smooth vocal range.

The title track “Rose Gold” and “Please Mr” are replay material. I like the twist in the video of the latter. “Just Fine”, “Overdose” and “Suited” are vibey R&B and pop tunes, perfect for radio, with “Suited” being the first single off the album to be certified Platinum. Its SynX remix released April of 2018 featuring Mr. Eazi is by far the most well done remix I’ve heard since I can remember. While the original’s content is cautionary to a lover never to leave but stay close; the remix is slowed down even in tempo with Mr. Eazi’s verse playing ode to his love in this track – Sheki. It’s a really great collaboration and remix!

My standout track and personal favourite from the album is “Different” featuring Mariechan (from the group Jamali). It defiantly states that ‘I am different and a limited edition’ making it just one of those songs you self dedicate to yourself. Mariechan and Sheki rule in sleek melodies paired with poetic lyrics. Groovy “The Sound” featuring one of Sheki’s best friends: Kenyan singer Asali is a dedication to all the naysayers—this is an anthem for all those trying to find themselves and keep to their style of choice in a world when everyone has an opinion about what we do. Moral of the story is – never loose the feeling you have for your art or plans.


Rose Gold is a heavily positive album with good vibes, kind of a reflective of Shekhinah’s personality—deep and witty. Even though Rose Gold is hugely influenced by R&B and Pop, Soul is at its core in a clever mix of electronic music and trap soul—making the album certainly feel more than just an African album. In many ways, the album is a celebration of womanhood and female empowerment; if you’re a woman – you can feel yourself being lifted by the words in songs like “Power to She” featuring Rouge and “Into The Jungle” – both backed by heavy beats.

Shekhinah is not just one of South Africa’s brightest new stars but the shine of African music talent. From our stint last year, I was able to understand the kind of artiste and person she is. Sheki is super shy and humble but in her own cocoon and in studio – she is a beast! She said: “Even after the album is released I am still gonna be exposed to everyone. I still have my time”. But this is your time Shekhinah. In fact, Rose Gold was already certified Gold by January 2018.

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