DSC_3598.jpgMany have been exposed to the big Tanzanian trap tune: “Kababaye” produced by Luffa but few know much about the hitmaker behind the record. Chin Bees is a Tanzanian artiste with many talents: he’s a rapper and singer and also celebrated for his songwriting abilities and electrifying performances.

Before the release of his debut album: Ladha (Swahili for Flavour) – March 2018, Chin Bees had been collaborating for different Tanzanian artistes like Nikki wa Pili and G-Nako while working hard building towards the launch his career. Released under Tanzania’s Wanene Entertainment, the 11-track Ladha is the perfect kick off—immediately raising Chin Bees profile.

What I love most about Ladha is its surprise element. Despite the fact that it’s a staunch celebration of new school hip hop, rap and trap rap, Ladha has elements of R&B, dance and dancehall and Chin Bees generally sings just as much as he raps in the record. He effortlessly blends multiple genres and styles in one. It’s little wonder, for he’s also penned lyrics for big artists like Vanessa Mdee and Navy Kenzo.

707315b2-9fb3-4ca7-a0b4-a40d0e05beea.JPG“I want to be a musician who doesn’t adhere to one particular genre because music is universal. I want to continue blending different styles together but each with it’s own unique style and approach,” said Chin Bees via a press statement. Songs like “Nitulize” and “My Baby” are hip hop ballads – if I may say it like that. “Mororo” too in fact, it’s sounds are from the times when T-Pain delivered R&B / hip hop tunes.

The album’s title track “Ladha” is my all time favourite! This is a certified banger and dance tune, with the correct amount of spice. Here, Chin Bee’s rhymes in the groovy dancehall beat make a perfect match. This one needs an original single release + a crazy dance video, please Team Wanene. “Zungusha” and “Msafiri” I feel come from the same family – dope club bangers and dance tunes perfect for radio play. I love the horns in “Msafiri”.

My album standout tracks include “Cheki” and “Killer” which have got the same vibe and potential as “Kababaye”—wonder why its missing in the album though. I loved the remix featuring Khaligraph. I am aware that the two are working on more collabos. Can’t wait!

At this rate, it can only get better for Chin Bees who is currently signed to Wanene Entertainment Limited. I visited Wanene last year during my Tanzanian media tour and it wasn’t just a studio but an entertainment company slowly growing an empire with their state-of-the-art facility, equipment and techniques.


I am tempted to declare this this as Tanzania’s best rap album of the year but not before listening to Kisimani by Wakazi. All the same, Ladha is a brilliant album. Congrats Chin Bees for your debut effort – so solid!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.52.22 PM.png

In an exclusive interview with Black Roses, Chin Bees says: “This album came for free as a gift for my fans because I wanted to reward them and I have seen how they have received it with open arms. The downloads have been going crazy!, ” adding, “I love all my songs so much because all of them have a life of their own – that’s why I have no collaborations in the album. Even I listen in to all the songs and I’ve noticed songs like “Nitulize”, “Killer”, “Msafiri” and “Mororo” are fan favourites, In Ladha I switched up my style to make sure it’s not a boring album.”

Been thinking about the representation of Ladha’s album artwork – Chin Bees wrapped up in a python. Usually pythons ambush their prey in unique style. They typically remain motionless in a camouflaged position to suddenly strike. I think in the same style, Chin Bees was laying low for some time and when it was time to strike at the industry with an explosion of fresh sounds —Ladha it was.

BONUS: Ladha album is available for free Get it here! 

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