Fine Dining at Entrée Restaurant – Olomouc, Czech Republic

I am currently in Czech Republic and so happy to be back to Entrée Restaurant, thanks to a luncheon Christmas gift from my brother in law, David. Our journey to Olomouc city in the eastern province of Moravia takes about 3 hours via train from Pilsen via Prague, using the Pendolino fast train. If you’re ever in Czech this is the best and most efficient train to most parts of the country.

First time at Entrée was in 2018 with David, as recommended to us by our friend Honza who is originally from Olomouc. Honza is a master of life’s finest things; he knows all the best destinations, restaurants, apartments and even recommendations on what to watch, anything and everything.

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Entrée completely blew up since! Soon after our visit, I started seeing more raving reviews, and several key features and brand endorsements for its owner: Chef Přemek Forejt, who also joined season 3 of Czech Republic’s popular TV competition show MasterChef in 2019.

Now you have to book months in advance, especially if you want a weekend spot. David says he had to book 2 months in advance for our Saturday 11.30 a.m. booking in December and that there was no other weekend available until 2020.

When we arrive, I am once again greeted by an ambience inspired by nature, transporting us into a world of “of theatre, plants and minerals”—as their website states. I love the open kitchen and that that waiters and chefs here aren’t running helter-skelter like in most restaurants. There’s a genuine sense of calmness and peace. All the waiters are always happy, making light jokes, and even befriending us when serving.

Fine Dining at Entrée Restaurant – Olomouc, Czech Republic

Three of us are having a 3-course meal and interestingly between every meal they are serving an entrée, exclusive of the starters ordered. We also order for different wine pairings with each course—very dangerous for me because I am such a lightweight, so I am drunk even before we are half way 🙂 However, this is fun and titillating, with the clash of different flavours and the texture of the food, flaunted by fresh ingredients with strong tastes and aroma.

My starter is Deer Carpaccio, Lentil Velouté and Wild Boar as my main. David is having Coconut Cucumber Kombu as a starter, Hanácká Onion Soup and Duck in Plums as the main. Tomas is having Trout in Ovacado, Lemon, Mushroom and Rose Water for starters, Cabbage Bonito and Ginger Okonomiyaki Velouté and Sturgeon (the fish they use to make caviar) as a main. Yumm!

The food is excellent, on time and just the right temperature—just like I like it. It’s hard to explain to anyone a food experience this good. I can only say that it’s spiritual and there are a few times like this when eating becomes such a sacred thing. It’s no wonder since its 2015 opening, Entrée has risen to become among Czech’s best 10 restaurants. In 2017, it was declared the gastronomic guide in Czech Republic by Maurer’s Grand Restaurant. In 2018, Entrée was named the best restaurant of the year by Czech Tourism with an addition into 2020 Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Guide’s 2019 list of Czech Republic’s best 10 restaurants.

At the end, I ask to meet Chef Přemek Forejt, who happens to walk in just as we are having our Entretea Hodolanus, Banana, Passion Fruit & Caramel dessert. Don’t mind the names—this is heaven. To my surprise, he joins our table. He is very cool and keen to hear about our experience and my country – Kenya. We have a really great conversation on all things food, flavours and travel.

If you’re lucky you will see butterflies hovering inside on a normal day. “Haven’t you seen our butterflies around here?” Přemek asks. He seems a bit disappointed that his latest addition to the already inspiring and unique concept of Entrée didn’t show up today. He is however glowing like a proud papa at our raving reviews and says that he is very thankful for his staff and sous-chefs for holding it down, as these days he is mostly away, juggling responsibilities of business, quality control and managing the brand. In fact, he dishes out that he is currently preparing for a couple of important things: season 4 of MasterChef, Entree’s new menu and their new book.

I highly recommend Entrée. It’s a combination of theatre and the reality that food is life; it’s almost as if through each unique experience at Entrée, they are prodding us to ponder why, if art depicts life, why can’t food do the same?

Thank you David for this experience.