2019 for me was an year of elevation and the grand hustle! I can’t believe that such a wonderful year came to an end. This was a year that I continued to test my limits, take more risks and challenges, both in love and business. 2019 pushed my limits to do the unexpected. From family, travel, music to new projects and experiments, even though challenging – everything was totally worth it. There are so many dope people that I met, who inspired me and pushed me to do more than I thought I would and I always love when that happens.

I divided highlights of my year into three parts: Love & Light, Work & Life and Tours and Travel. Here goes:

Love & Light: Snapshot of 2019

At the end of 2018 got engaged to the man of my life in a very epic way that I would never find words to describe but let me summarize. This man flew from Kenya to Amsterdam, where I was visiting my Amsterdam family (Nynke), to surprise me with a proposal on a lovely autumn night, by ‘the chosen bridge’. It was the most romantic and unbelievable occurrence for me because he had arranged this proposal with all my friends, who he hadn’t even met before. If someone really loves you they will fly across the world for you. And you should reach them anywhere they are, also.

Fast-forward to 2019 and our two weddings. The traditional one (complete with dowry) was so special and an emotional rollercoaster. There are few occasions where extended African families gather, it will most likely be a funeral or a wedding and being at your own wedding and seeing the happiness of your parents and relatives for your love and good find, is just a gift that will never stop giving making my heart so full. It was the best day of my life.

I thought a civil wedding would be drab but it ours was fun, punk and hilarious! I loved it! It was like a movie scene—a little long, wait in the morning and then the moment itself was brief and still with all the comedy and romance. If it really was a film, it would be my favourite scene and would love to reenact it over and over again 🙂 The lady presiding over our union was as hilarious and at some point had joined the riot of our 5 witnesses. At some point, she even she shed a tear. The universe was corroborating with us on our special day. It was 1 / 11/ 2019 and we found out that we were couple no. 11 to be in line. When they they called us in, it was 11.11 AM. Does that even make sense?

In truth, I love simple things, people and the idea of not inconveniencing anyone, so much that the idea of celebrating my only love with some many people, makes me a bit skeptic while on the other hand I feel like I would be inconveniencing someone who probably need to be elsewhere.

I am also totally haunted by the thought of dragging a big white gown throughout the day, followed by a long bridal / groom party and a dozen flower girls and boys. Writing and thinking about it now, even makes me am anxious. I didn’t have a big white wedding because I just never pictured myself doing that and to large extents, this is still a very foreign idea and concept to me. It just doesn’t feel natural to me even though I do appreciate the magic and surrealism, that many revere.

Look, I am happy, we are so happy and looking at the future ahead of us. Thanking everyone who has wished us well. Can’t wait for the next chapter.