I bet you were watching TV one day and saw this fantastic video with a guy seemingly trying to cajole a chic he met on the streets into giving him her number so they could just be buddies, and asked yourself, ”Ok, who’s that kid?” B.U.D.D.Y was one of Musiq Soulchild’s most acclaimed singles to date!

I had recognized the genious in him even before that, (LOL I sound like a talent scout) Nway seriously, I believe that the best of song lyrics are the simplest, those that make you see your story in them. “I aint’ no hood, no crook, no robber, I just want a part of your heart I can bother …” Ahhh … love that song, please feel free to check out the lyrics, right here —> B.U.D.D.Y lyrics Since then, he has mostly won my heart with the single, ”Beautiful”, which made it in my top biggest songs (great great songs that sound timeless and have some serious intensity that even soul can’t define) in the last 2 years. Among other songs that made it in my list was Melanie Fiona with,” It kills me”, another one was “Blame it on me,” Chrisette Michele, think you now get the drift…

Musiq has many nice albums, but MusiqInTheMagic just stole my heart. I have an internal belief that the albums that you get to learn to love, are the ones you fall most deepest in love with. I am always quite wary of those that you proverbially fall in love with at first listen. This one is one of them, thus I certainly hope to keep it up!

MusiqInTheMagic Is the neo-soul heart throb’s 6th studio album, just dropped in May 3rd , 3 years since his last album. Listening to this one, you can tell that he actually did some serious studio late nights, it’s sounds are as personal as a diary. It’s a mirror of a relationship’s life from the good and great to the bad and worse if not the absurd. It’s a mix of neo-soul and contemporary R&B that will definitely leave you feeling refreshed by the new sound, It’s the place where your love for the music will meet his magical X- factor.

1.Anything 03.51

Certified club banger! Very funky beat playing host into the 12 track- album. Jam to this one in the club, while cleaning the house, cooking, driving, even when you wanna get a breather at work! Pop those headphones and act a fool! He sings to his girl: Assuring her that she can tell/ ask him anything, as long as she can promise that she will do the same! Swizz Beats in a rap never lets down, now does he ever? Here is the vid —- > 

2.Single 04.04

Life’s ironic twist, that when you are single, you wish to be hooked. When you are with somebody, then you start to miss when you were single, sometimes you are single but not really, because you find that you can’t move on with somebody new. He sings about one of these scenarios, that he met a beautiful girl whom he wishes he would have met when he was single. That’s because he is with another girl … So he tells the new girl, ”It’s nice to meet you but I gotta go… ” This one is on my replay. Really love this new wholesome R&B feel, lyrics wise and all kinds, fantastic song!

3. Say I do 03.10

Neo-soul redefined. This is a good relationship/marriage song. When everything is so good, it gets to a time when you need to move on to the next step, that point when you get to say, “I DO” That’s basically what the song is about. I think it’s just beautiful, I mean at one point, every good thing has to elevate to its ultimate nirvana!  It’s the type of song that would make you say, fuck it! Let’s get married 🙂

4.Love contract 04.13

This one is a love song with an 80’s feel, a bit jumpy but in a good way! It sounds like something John Legend would effortlessly do… A song about a dude who’s been up and about, cheated and sneaked out of the house, but he finally settles down for this girl because she’s the only one who loves him in that special way, so he is accepting the Love Contract that he has been running away from. If there was a Kiswahili saying to epitomize this song’s love message, it would be: Mwenda tezi na omo marejeo ni ngamani. (Now who knew that after high school I could actually find a place to use that methali 🙂 WIN!

5.Silver & Gold 03.24

I LOVE this one, another one of my favourites! Very sick beat, that electric guitar and cello combi- WIN! Apart from that, the Soulchild’s vocals shine in this one. Not forgetting his songwriting skills, he serenades to his beloved that his love will never get old, it’s better than silver & gold. Now that’s a priceless statement. If I were a dude, swear I would have used this one on a shorty, just not sure if it would come out as romantic or retarded 🙂

7.Back to where 03.38

My bestestestestest song in the album! Replay replay wait. Have I already said replay replay material? Sometimes you try to convince yourself that you have no feelings for someone. Maybe that should be a red flag, why must you convince yourself if you really aren’t still in love with them? Sometimes we seek so much advice from friends as well as alternative media while all that while all we needed to do was to consult our inner selves, only then we would realize that we poses the power of treating the ones we love how they deserve, so they could be with us. In a nutshell, that’s what the song is about! I particularly love the bridge: You and the sky must be talking, coz every time you are near me girl, it rains… (I think that’s metaphorically & semantically soooo CUTE! Please forgive the poet in me 🙂 P.s, yes I do realize that I reviewed this song just like Dr. Chris Hart would, such a shame if not sad that those who think they articulate these sort of issues, are themselves the most dysfunctional …

8.Do we have to? 03.26

She is always yelling, asking why he doesn’t reply to her texts, she is always worried about what the other people will say while she never takes the time to find out how he feels about her. The crooner sings that their relationships’ unnecessary dramas prevent him from loving her when he wants to, even at night, sometimes he just wants to be with the girl he fell in love with…. He says that at some point there is no need to fight for love because being in love is already hard enough… There you have it: Make love, Not war! Very nice song. Perfect makeup song!

9. Be Friends 03.42

This is a bitter sweet song. If Antony Hamilton did it, it would be a perfect sequel to “Charlene” Nway Musiq sings about the things he does to get through the day without her, stare at her pictures in his phone, replay some of the voice messages she left before the breakup ETC. Worse still, when she kissed him, when she touched him, it felt  like she loved him. For those reasons he says that it’s too bad but he doesn’t wanna be friends with her because he had already started loving her… Awwwww ….

10.YES! 03.41

Gotta love neo-soul 🙂 Gosh this is a favourite too! Replay material. People don’t just bring you up to let you down, love that line! As much as she might be second guessing his love and stuff, he sings that she doesn’t have to ask, the answer is: YES! Lovely. I want someone to dedicate this to me …. YES,  i do 🙂  Dudes, when your girl thinks that she is too thin or too fat or not good enough for that job et al this is the ultimate dedication to her. Let her know that she is all that & a bag of chips 🙂 Here is the official music video —–> 

11.Medicine 03.57

Certified baby making jam! He promises to do everything to change how she is feeling inside. He sees that she can hardly breathe from the hard day, so it’s time to turn the music down low, for her to go to him for some medicine. Serious sexy jam, after a long day, dinner & shower, cuddling nini nini, play this one right into the night extra-curricular activities! 🙂


From a tender age people nicknamed him, ”That Music guy”, that was inspiration enough behind the origin of the singer’s stage name. Read an interview on him via Bossip a while ago where he said that, if he could be given a chance to be anything other than himself, Music would be it …. The DEEP guy doesn’t only write from the heart but literally how he says it. He is famed for having grammatically incorrect album and song titles. His first album was titled – Aijuswanaseing, the 2rd- Juslisen, the 4th-Luvanmusiq and of course the 6th– MusicInTheMagiq. I think his reason for this is rather obvious: that music knows no grammar or language shiznit. So what are you waiting for? CHOMA that album already!