That’s the special number of the one who leaves me limber, ever ready, he is like the batteries to my arteries, leaving me never needy but bleeding in love and then quickly healing 🙂
He is a thief who steals not at night but at daylight, never afraid of the sun but ever in favour of a son … I shall bear him ONE, one day. He doesn’t steal millions of shillings; instead he is the chameleon of my heart’s feelings. Disguises himself as a rogue, a thug but deep down he realizes that love is vogue, even he needs a hug.

The crime he commits is one that is prime; I gotta make an arrangement for the arraignment. It’s a case I gotta let the jury decide on; in any case he still slides on. As the main witness, I intend to testify under no duress but witless, it’s how silly he leaves me wanting, yearning, waiting, therein expecting…

Would have asked why I can’t get right without him in my head, let alone in my bed. Anyway though my bed is king in size, he is the king in my eyes lest this boat capsizes. Hate this submissive self I become if I miss him. OK, am nervous … the case is hideous; will he be found guilty of the heinous? (Invading my heart) As tomorrow approaches, I tweeze my eyebrows, squeeze my moisturizer figured I might as well brace this face well, seeing inside my heart was a heist, well paced trust that dude!

24 hours later, I walk into the court room my couture so extraordinaire, trust my couturier. The ambiance so chilly, our alliance now so breezy … As soon as I saw my thug behind that dock, our eyes locked, his cuffs locked and my heart broke. I walked straight up to the judge, hoped to myself he wouldn’t budge then I plead my insanity & withdrew the case with clarity. What’s my life without him in it?

He is set free, am in need for that torture in my heart.