LIKE A DEMON, you possess me, process me, holistically, not like whole milk but like silt, like silk, so fine, so divine, it’s an obsession I invite, my hearts procession I never decline, when it hurts, its my objection, I decide. The most fair of  judges, the lost share no grudges in your court room, it’s the velvet room, temperatures always favourable, desirable, amicable, silhouette.

LIKE COFFEE, you start me up, fire me up, stir me up, a super drug you are, you fill me up. Your sugar, not too much, not too little, not brittle. When I am sleepy you wake me up, soothe me up then you me up, when am in bed, no worries, instead i sleep like a baby, lately when I am sheepy you shake me up, you keep me up. Like espresso you are so dark and concentrated, my morning express you are, a mourning I press through my system. I am sure you seep through my stem, through my branches, you blind my hitches, you blind mayhem, I mind how I take you in.

LIKE MY PARTNER, we’ve been in a long-term relationship, so steady no rocky ship, so ready emotionally and physically I am always gripping to my radio, the patio is where I like to sit. I let my lover whisper sweet nothings in my ear, I hate when my lover stops, as my world stops. That’s why our love has no forward button but rewind and replay, remind and play is our vocabulary, not ordinary, just extra pleasure, comfort, leisure, effort, no measure, I love how my partner blends me in.

LIKE MY SOUL, you choose not who to touch, you choose not who to relieve of hurt, you release yourself, you let loose to all people, you never choose any race or kind, you always use all walks of life, never the path that lies. Baby you get me so emotional, I feel like I wanna cry you a river, you are so sentimental, you make me shiver, I believe you wanna run deeper than a river in me, deeper than the oceans there in, sweeter than the emotions in me, baby, lately you’ve inspired me, I aspire to take you in daily, constantly, consistently, consequently I love how you are selfless.

LIKE AIR, I need you bad. When i have you, my lungs fail me not, when I have you my heart pumps blood to my body, a lot! You are definitely that somebody. When I miss you, I suffocate, when I diss you, you kiss me, I resurrect, you resuscitate me, you never shut up, you never shut down, so when I am tired, I turn you a bit down, then its slow motion to the ears, slow motion to the fears, slow motion as my devotion to you. You are so sensual when you are low in sound, I take you in and out, slowly, in and out, panting, in and out…….I take you in and wish you would stay inside me forever. However, I figured i cant survive without you, I like your figure stunts, the way you’re moving, what you’re doing, you’re like a treasure hunt to me, i am always in your pursuit, a fresh breath of air you see, that’s what you do to me.

LIKE LOVE MAKING, you are the best I ever had, never too hard on me, never too slow on it. Your magic stick makes me wonder, so i let it wander in the wilderness of the moment. I let you blander in the wildness of the moment, you always rectify and verify to me that you still remain to be the most alluring of lovers, the most ensuring of lovers. I can’t skip a night without your love-making, I can’t speak a word without my heart shaking for you, i am your slave. Every time you get inside of me, you take me to a place of satisfaction, every time i set inside of you, you take me to a sacred place of emotions.

I love you MUSIC.