You are my music, sweeter than mursik, when am sick of you, you still stick to me like super glue. Super dude is what I can call you, stall you is what I can never do, forever have you, is what I would like to do, wound you, is what I never do. You are the best lover.

In pursuit of a comparison, you are my song suit for a reason, like a 5-star hotel suite I love your quality, never based on quantity but sanctity, the time we spend comprises of memories I never erase, melodies I ever anticipate to not serenade. I want to teach the world on how to imitate good love, and how it is made.

When you kiss my neck, I miss the point and instead get lost in your seduction, what the heck, we end up in bed for satisfaction! When I kiss your ear, you hear nothing but the bliss of my captivity. I gain as you always make me feel young, sprung like it’s our first time, a  dime is what you are, hung up sometimes, I feel like I am who you are.

In show for my love, I throw my fears to you, my tears on you, consequently only you make things right, you are my light, my judge, you never smudge anything on me. As every night my thoughts merge, you frequently cross my mind, currently I have submerged my entire being to you, hope I don’t budge when I wake you up to stare, understand it’s a mere urge.

You are my favourite DJ, always in my favour even when am in PJs. You say you like it that way, I say I like it your way. In the morning you play the baby making record, ‘baby make love to me, ’I beg  in one accord. As am mourning you play me some soul, just like the band playing, you are my Earth, Wind and Fire, blazing. You sweep me off my feet,  remain so sweet and just by the touch of your hand, you burn me up!!