Will you marry me Mr. Right? Will you bury me in your nights, days, insights and prospects? Will you respect me, never disrespect me but forever anticipate to petting me, patting me? Will you be waiting for me ? Will you not agitate unnecessarily over me but facilitate to be my lover? “Dearly beloved”, is what the Pastor says, but clearly ragged, is what the past has said of me, will you leave that behind, will you be behind me as I turn a new leaf, burn a new….

See, like a phoenix, my love will timelessly burn you in a fix, carelessly leave you fit, consequently my love is state of the art, shot straight through to your heart, not by cupid but by cute me 🙂

Will you marry me Mr. Right?  Not in a hurry, as we might as well spend the rest of our lives in preparation. In reparation of the dried well, the waters shall never run dry, our cool waters shall forever run deep, we shall spend every hour of the rest of our lives together, in the shower, in God’s power, everywhere, i mean not literally but emotionally, holistically, i mean no distance shall keep our hearts apart, a part of my heart for instance will be yours to keep, guard the keys to it, seal this covenant with a kiss in it, make this real am gonna be your Mrs, aint’ it?

Clearly it aint’ easy, but baby be at ease, look at it seriously through your heart, honestly i wont hurt you so you gotta be up for it, better yet you gotta tap it, not my boootey but am talking about your royalties, earn my niceties but you gotta harness them, not like energy but pray that God blesses our synergy, our  anthem, our union, that in 50 years  we can celebrate a reunion.

Will you marry me Mr. Right? I wanna be your wife, stride through your life, see you through all your strife, abide by your side, aside from that be with you all the time day and night. I pray that I can use my might to teach you on how to be a better man, that I might see you somehow as a changed man, a sane man but deep down a crazy man for me, a crave i yearn in me, that I’ll be timeless like Sade, a shade of love that reflects  in us, resonates past us, now take off your shades, lower the window shades, as the wind blows, look at me in the eyes:

Will you marry me?