Yes, I will marry you honey, put all my money on you, carry you with dignity all through, I will be true to you till our infinity. Sweetie, forget Vegas its sin city, I want us to hold a secret ceremony, a sacred harmony in the country side, so leave upper easide, we’ll reside by the serene ambiance, beside the elite alliance of our chosen few guests, guess what? I will get you a surprise band to impress you, call it a blessing in disguise but they will sing for you my empress, then it will be all express as I hold your hand in marriage, as I stand bold in the lineage, not of the groom party but of the rules partly, the rules of marriage, certainly.

I wanna to be your husband, I wanna hunt down anyone after you, shut down anyone stalking you, I wanna be hands down every time I see you, so I can touch you down every time I want to, am gonna be around anytime you tear down to put all your fears down, I will be your surround system, your stem to facilitate photosynthesis, not of plants but of parts of the food to our love’s metamorphosis, I anticipate to be your man, do you feel me, do you need me, can you see me as that?

Yes, I will marry you babe, I am certain of my fate so don’t worry even if I am late on that date. About the cake, I want it to be of your favourite take, so choose whom you want to bake it, I will pay any price to take it for you, just to please you my priceless woman, my princess, I sure am a lucky man. I love you because you don’t fake it, you are a real woman who fights for cause, who says when she cant take it, you guard my heart you never break it, inside my heart you are a burglar you broke into it, with no notice instead of stealing I noticed, you put in your valuables, your intangibles, your love….

I wanna be your hubby, the father to your baby, babies if you wish, I wanna whisk you away to start our family, with clarity I promise to protect you and the kids, my friends call it insanity but who needs sanity when I have you my fiancée’? Times are hard knock but if I knocked you up nothing can be harder, I don’t mean to be corky but knock at my door any time you need my assistance, for instance, finances, romance, trips to France, fragrances, anything you want I will be your slave, so be brave and hunt me down!
I can see your tears of happiness, but for now dry the tears from your eyes, look up, look at me, I’ma say it once again, Yes, I will marry you!