When i got the news that you were going to leave, i couldn’t believe it so I watched CNN news till morning, i knew it was not because i was on it but because I was mourning, your supposed to be departure. A rapture is what it felt like, captured by you is what i liked but then it felt like a wrong scripture on the right scribe, I just can’t describe how it felt, it was like a ride in an emotional rollercoaster, not Vivian Green but a real transformational role, a cost I had to pay for. Of course a ride I hadn’t prepared for….

When i took you to the airport, I selfishly wished that you had forgotten your passport, insufficiently you hadn’t, then you passed through the customs and checked in, my god I chickened out! I remember how you pulled me close to you, you pulled out a calendar, my gift from you, i pulled out the poem I wrote you, to you it was a prose from a rose, my gift for you, I read it to you, I made it for you, but you didn’t appreciate it, instead you wanted us to negotiate our future ahead, our homestead to nurture, my head went spinning….

After you finally left, I stood there in the cold disoriented, I wished you would call but this was unwarranted, I mean you were gone 😦 I was screaming internally, my heart was no longer gleaming but bleeding in turn to have you right then and eternally. I couldn’t express the pain verbally so i sat on the cold bench to cry hurriedly. A gentleman came to me, he gently wiped my tears away with the palm of his hands, “dry your tears, “he said to me. What he didn’t know was that i had a lot of fears…..