It’s been a week or so since i watched the final episode of LOST 6! I have since been as twisted as the sci-fiction show that finally drew its curtains after 6 series relayed over a period of 6 years! I had planned that i would blog about it as soon as i finished watching the finale episode but i just couldn’t! Instead i went into deep thought, absurd cravings, i mean i ate a banana just as soon as i wrapped up watching the ep.

A banana? Anyone who knows me knows that i loath bananas. But after i took it down, i went into deep sorrow, deep thought. I mean my favourite show of all time had ended, it had left me clueless and helpless, i went back to watch that final ep. again, i did that the next day and the next day and the next day! Until i put all the pieces of my thoughts and revelations together and WOW it feels nice to have finally deciphered LOST!

If you read my previous LOST posts, i was partially right about the purgatory vibe,  it’s just that when they crashed, they actually did CRASH!  ” Whatever happened, happened, ” said Jack and that never changed. That means that the island was real, the experiences they had in the island were real, those who left the island and came back and finally left again, really did leave.

In the 2nd last episode, the candidate. The conversation Jacob has with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Jin i think,  is quite revealing, he tells them that he choose them all and that anyone of them could then succeed him as the island’s protector.The big question i asked myself was: If anyone of them could have taken over to lead the island then why did they all go to the island? I mean why did he (Jacob) dedicate his life to stalking the oceanic flight 815 survivors, remember how he had instances with all of them before they crashed?

Well, then  i figured out the answer is simple, it was a journey of all the characters. Not one character, just like the LOST writers had kept saying, LOST was always this journey that wasn’t personal but communal. It would make no sense if anyone of them was missing.

I think that when we see Flight Oceanic flight815 finally land in season 6, that was in another limbo-life, what would have happened if they never crashed at the first place. But that wasn’t real as they did crash and they never landed. Do not take the landing in season 6 so seriously, it’s a limbo-life, meaning it’s not real, it’s what is presumed as could have been real.

I will then proceed to contradict myself, the conversation Christian Shepherd had with his son Jack in the church, at the end is most certainly the most defining moment in LOST, well among others including the Ricardo episode. Anyway Christina Shepherd tells Jack that, yes he is real, and that the time he spent at the island was real too, and most importantly the time he spent with the survivors of the plane crash was most definitely real and what was of utter importance 🙂  There you have it!


Everyone eventually died, people like Jack, Hurley, Benjamin, Shanon, Jin, Sun, Charlie really did die in the island. Some like Sawyer, Kate and  Sayid lived on their lives in the outside world and eventually died. The reunion at the church was symbolism for a timeless time (Jacks Dad says, there is no NOW here) when all the people who were in the island finally completed their journey of life. They all did not die at the same time,some died way before others , some way after others, tis is evident when Kate tells Jack that, I have missed you so much… she must have died before him. It is also evident when Hurley tell Benjamin that he was the best no.2, meaning their time as the island candidates must have run out and they died,  maybe someone took over after them.