LOST is with no doubt going down into the history books as one of the most critically acclaimed and groundbreaking shows of the past decade. The final episode, “The End” isn’t just as literal as the meaning to “end” but also synonymous to the beginning of an end. The battle lines are drawn as Flocke and Jack Shepherd put the island’s destiny into place. The final episode showing Benjamin and Hurley talking about how they served their time as the island’s guardians depicts that, the island still does exist and probably led by another chosen person or maybe it found other candidates, who knows?

Special shout out to LOST writers, Jack Bender, Damon Lindelof and the rest. At least y’all made sure that after the end, we are still left blogging, buying LOST past dvds and spreading the LOST gospel. We appreciate that lots of questions were answered but a can of new emerging questions was left unopened!

Here are the top 10 :

1. Jacobs brother (MIB) who turned into the black smoke, did he ever have a name?

2. Jacob’s real mum, and fake evil mum, where were they from? How did they get to the island?

3. Was Dharma initiative a fail whale? I mean what good ever came out of their experiments? and for whose benefit?

4. Who supplied the food with the Dharma initiative logos from the sky and how did they manage to do that? The gods?

5. Who were the people living in the Egyptian temple? Seas6. and why did the black smoke kill them all?

6. What were the Egyptian artifacts all about? Did they have any significance?

7. What happened when the bomb went off? How the hell did Juliet survive through it?

8.When the Flight oceanic 815 crashed was Sawyer an undercover cop or a real con?

9.Where and how did Jacob get his powers from? What powers did he exactly have? Did anyone who took over guarding the island automatically then have powers?  Did he have the power to give life by touch? Rem the Ricardo episode?

10.Why was Michael and Vincent absent at the church in the end, if it really was a journey of all the characters? At least we know Benjamin refused to attend the church service willingly…