In this decade, hotstuff has become  synonymous to Trey Songz but stop right there! Usher has certainly managed to thrive on and is still up against the emerging R&B sex symbols of this day and age. I mean, he still sounds as sexy, still doing them baby making jamms, he still got the six pack, he still got the dance moves, the  swag, and what’s better than a man aging gracefully? From a devastating marriage, an album flop, the birth of an adorable son, a divorce to yet another new album, Usher sure deserves to be called, “Superman”

Usher’s 6th studio album, Raymond Vs Raymond comes immediately after separating with his wife Tameka, who allegedly tried to break him up with his beloved mama, then hurled insults at him via her twitter a/c after finding out that he had moved on and was dating another girl, nway babymama drama banana.  His previous album wasnt as critically acclaimed as his archival ones but looking in the past, heart breaks inspired “Burn” and “Confessions” were among his biggest hit singles ever, probably a sign that he strives best musically from personal expression something that is obviously expected in this album. That said, critics foresee

this album going platinum.

I do like this new album, well maybe that’s because i have had a crush on Usher since i could recognize a man’s chest 🙂 nway seriously, it’s musically versatile, it has some ill hiphop tracks and ironically its not sooooooooo deep Usher style, like oh she broke my heart, its more like, ‘Hey, i broke up with my wife, am a dad now, i still sing, am still a sex symbol and i can still command female attention’ its probably why the album is called Raymond Vs Raymond, even he is trying to find that place where the R&B star and dad/ real person meet up, though he says the album title was inspired by the movie Kramer Vs Karmer, you can google that!  Some of the slow jamms and  R&B in it really make me happy every time I listen. It  pays to know that R&B geniouses like Usher are still out there in pursuit of preserving THAT kinda music!

Lets get straight into it:

1. Monstar 5.00

It’s an up beat Usher style dance song, am guessing the video would be quite entertaining. Usher sings to his lover, that he is back to celebrate life and he will be her best nightmare, just how she likes it. There’s a chic in the song mourning in French, ‘on y vas! je t’aime Monstar, juste comme ca, Oui j’aime ca, bien, n’arrete pas!’ If you can read and understand French, then the rest goes without saying 🙂

2. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) 3.42

I bet y’all thought that Usher was singing to his son that he’s back home LOL. He is singing to his lover about the other Usher who is coming home to play with her, since she has been waiting all day! He teases her that, daddy don’t need to do no flexing as shorty knows just how they do the sexing! Drat! No knocking doors, no bells but daddy will get her wet. Godddaymn Usher! This is certainly the  baby making song no.1 in the album. The beats are funky and easy to grind with in bed or out on the dance floor 🙂 The video is sick, sexy ass black girls dancing so sensually all over and with Usher innit, yet another reason why he is a feminist 🙂 

3. There goes my baby 4.39

This gotta be my BEST track in this album! Deep R&B, relaxed then the way he says his signature, ‘Usher babe, yeah mayne’ He slowly serenades to his lover, telling her how it feels good just to check her out, while she’s putting her heals on… among other things… The songs’ hook, (the repeat right before the chorus) is so contagious, he sings to her telling her that he’s been waiting all day to rock his hands around her waist and kiss her face!! The vocal arrangement, the addlips,  perfect and so sweet for lack of better words. But he sounded like Trey Songz at the songs’ bridge, mmmmh…This is a song for the dudes in appraisal of women and their beauty. I normally put it on replay 😉 The video got released only today. Its not all that but Usher going bare chested is ALL THAT! Click here to watch —-> \”THE VIDEO\

4. Lil Freak feat. Nicki Minaj 3.52

This is so G’d up for Usher! Amejaribu. The beats are all hiphop though he sings. He sings to this woman in the club that if she comes with him, he’ll make her his little freak. He sings that he saw some chics kiss in the club and he is about to have a menage! Nicki Minaj alliterationally nails her rap, in which she convinces some girl in the club to go have a threesome with her and Usher saying, ‘everybody loves Raymond’ The video goes exactly how the story line of the song goes, Ciara makes a guest appearance in the club.

5. She dont know Feat Ludacris 4.03

Another hiphop ill beat! Usher singing that she don’t know that she’s making him wanna, the more she’s keeping him from her, the girls is so cold, and she know that she’s so sexual, he wants her body! Ludacris kills it like he always does with his killa rhymes, eg “he’ll be on her like subpoenas served ” Usher sounds like a Justin Timberlake at the bridge, i think his voice is really evolving! This is a club banger for all them girls playing hard to get!

6. OMG feat Will I.AM 4.29

This is another one of my favourites! Its one of those songs that need to grow on you, if  it does, you’ll absolutely love it and will be singing to it all the damn time. Its strange, blasphemous, i mean we are not supposed to call our gods name in vain but you gotta love the Usher/ Will combi singing of how they can love her down, break her down, tear her down. This is  a certified club banger, i like the video its bizarre though i digg the dancing! I like the part with the chics dancing then it is me or Usher tries to pull a matrix? And whatever Will is wearing, the kilt-ish thing, i love it!

7. Papers

If am not wrong, this was his first single off this album and it did quite well. This is a personal song inspired by his ex – wife  Tameka. He sings of how marriage is literally not about popping bottles and parties, everyone has needs that must be reached at half way. It’s so sad when you hear Usher sing his heart out like that, “Who the hell are you, we fight like dogs at 6 in the morning?” He goes on to sing on how he tried to take a chance with love, he turned his back against the world, even his mama but now despite all the love he is ready to sign the papers! Well, am glad he signed them and she did too, the only woman Usher should have married in the first place was me 🙂 But seriously hope he is happy now..

8. Guilty Feat T.I 3.44

Yet another ill ass hiphop beat! Usher singing to the judge, admitting that he is guilty for going to the club, loving fun and for girls always wanting to show him some love. He pleads with the judge not to take him to jail because she accuses him of cheating but the truth is she doesn’t just like the life he lives as he did not know that all those nights she was in the house crying. When did T.I do that rap ??? Mhhh am curious, having been in prison just until recently nway perfect rap, rhyme, he tells the judge that if  she’s saying that she’s the victim then what is he? If she saying she got proof then he got an alibi too, he gon make her slide through as he also has evidence to how she milked away his bank a/c with all the shoes and bags LOL. I love this one! Another club banger! I usually put this one on replay 🙂

9. So many girls 4.36

This is such a contagious floss song and its upbeat! Usher sings about how it feels good to be a star,  he’s just chilling with so many girls, its chillax, champagne, some are Caucasian, Egyptian, Brazillian, he swears he got millions, he just cant decide who to go home with. Its no wonder Diddy does the BJV’S, such a pimp-ish song but all the same cocky and confident! Another replay song.

10. Making love (into the night) 4.36
Another babymaking jamm, Usher really has stressed on his bed prowess in this album. He sings to his lover that he will pick her up, make love till the end of the night, forever and ever into the night if that makes sense. Just for baby making purposes 🙂 Really a nice jamm
The rest of the songs, “okay” ,”fooling around” ,”pro-lover” this one is even neosoul ,”mars vs venus” are all GREAT tracks that keep in line with this albums momentum, make sure you a listen!!
Raymond Vs Raymond debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling over 300,000 copies in its first week. It became Usher’s third consecutive number-one album in the states and has produced four singles that achieved chart success, including  “Hey Daddy”, “Lil Freak”, “There goes my baby” and the monstar  hit “OMG”
Also click here to watch a vid of Usher’s rise to fame, he also talks about love, (Usher\’s fall, rise, fall and rise)