We had another fight that last for hours, I am afraid that this might be the last of us, a loss for us. It’s a shame we last this long to give up six years, so don’t ask me why am in tears. For so long, we brushed off our problems but it’s for solo now. We shrug off and walk away. I thought we promised each other never to sway? Its clear we missed the essence of trust, now I sense a lot of mistrust, even your lust for other women. You are lost among men. Should I find you, befriend you or lend you an ear? I don’t know.

Years gone but now he is gone and I am left alone. Feels like it was a theft, he stole my heart and left me frail like an old woman yet I am young and so I yearn to be alive again, I yearn to earn your respect in this game again, in retrospect make me learn to love you again. I promise it wont be in vain but we will both gain mutually because even you know that we are naturally in sync. See, we are emotionally attached that when we are apart, a part of me can’t detach from you. You are sly but like glue am still stuck on you and I have no clue as to why.

Am writing you this long-ass letter biting my nails so you better pay attention. As long as I live and breathe,  I choose to fight for us. Not to mention, I know your plane leaves in the next two hours, today you will see my true colours! I will be at the airport to stop that damn plane if you get on it, you will not leave me in this pain. I pray that you will have changed your stray mind by the time i get there because I stayed with you all the times you let me down. I still shared my all with you, I even let you take me to the malls so we will not separate over small matters Mr. smart ass.

Do you remember what the pastor said, “Never hurt her”, that was last December at our anniversary. I don’t want to be your adversary, please let me be your but your advisory instead. I know that this breakup was my fault and I don’t wanna add salt to the injury so as far as it goes, I take the blame. Do refer to our wedding goals and preserve our flame.

My friends ask me why am still with him. He is my remedy. He is my steady energy, always coming handy when am in need of synergy, always coming through with brandy when am in deed thirsty! When am drunk, he calls me feisty, when am back to sober he calls me sassy, when am sad and somber he calls me “your honour” a classy way to let me be the judge, when I b bother, he is tolerant and never hasty.

That’s you baby, and that’s why when you want to leave me like today, believe me, I wont let you go! Wish me luck *