Welcome to the review of the most self-centered series revolving around the staro of the decade, Jack Bauer! Jack single-handedly saves America from terrorists in just one day, well the world if we are talking of securing nuclear weapons that are scheduled to conduct acts of terrorism in other parts of the world. The award-winning and super costly series to produce events occur in real-time. Jack saves the President from assassination, another one from signing a blood shed peace treaty, uncover government conspiracies, just to mention, and all that and more in a record span of just 8 days, lets not even go into the number of men that Jack took down. Lets go!

Best Days!
24  Season 2
This was the first adrenaline pumping season that set pace for the rest of the days!  The successful arrest of a denotation of the nuclear bomb that posed a threat to L.A is the very first major threat and creeps fear into the audience. With the able assistance of Michelle Dessler, Jack and his partner Tony Almeida manage to uncover a conspiracy within President Palmer’s cabinet. Jack avoids the assassination of Palmer in day 1, then a Senator. Day 2 however ends with the president collapsing giving a speech as a biological weapon attack beckons.. That was probably the greatest of  finales i have ever watched!

24 Season 3
The best day if you ask me 🙂 As cold-blooded as Jack is, he seems disturbed following his wife Teri Bauer’s murder in Day1. Working undercover with drug loads renders Jack a heroine addict. His new partner is sexy Chase, he is also dating Kim Bauer, Jack’s daughter, bad idea. A fact that doesn’t make Chase’ life any easier seeing it’s hard enough being Jack’s partner. The major threat in this day was the Virus. It’s final destination holder, Michael Amador is dangerous and sexy, talk about great casting! I liked the chase of the dangerous and sexy by the sexy Chase. The danger of how lethal the virus would be is a thrill to the audience till the last-minute when Chase attempts to sacrifice his life by attaching his hand to the virus delivery device. Chase eventually has to lose an arm to save his life.  Once again, the day is saved.

24 Season 4
Welcoming the acting prowess of Kim Raver who plays Audrey Reines, really loved this woman. Jack is now working for the Secretary of State James Heller who is the primarily targeted by the Middle Eastern  terrorists led by Habib Marwan. Marwan was badass! The danger in this day is worse than any other as Marwan has a series of attacks in plan and one terrorist attack actually goes down. Before the day is saved, a chinese consul who worked with the terrorists is killed in a shooting battle between CTU agents and the terrorists seeking refuge at a Chinese consulate. The situation draws bad diplomatic blood between China and USA. President Keller’ s plane crash allows the appointment of his vice president Charles Logan as the president. Logan wants to get rid of Jack as Palmer warns Jack in advance. With the help of Michelle, Chloe and Tony, Jack is able to feign his own death and goes MIA for a period of about 4 years. Very disturbing finale.

24 Season 5
The assassination of David Palmer, Michelle Dessler and the death of the ka fatty dude from CTU who used to sit next to Chloe, Edgar is an anticlimax. Jack is accused of murdering his friends. It hurts him that they are dead and then accusing him? Oh no, Jack is back and very mad! He is on a personal mission, to find out who killed his friends and in turn revenge!  Turns out President Logan was behind the attacks in a bid to somehow sway the Russians decision in signing the anti-terrorism alliance treaty, really Prez? The audience is perturbed by the realization after Jack unveils President Logan as having been the villain all along. Logan is finally impeached. Tony Almeida dies- I cried, and cried and cried and cried. Like a baby.

From DAY 6-8
The momentum is on a downward spiral, explaining why the series audience reduced by large numbers prompting Fox to stall another season. I mean how do the writers kill Tony Almeida then bring him back to life? I loved Tony and all, but he should have never come back. Writers already did that with Jack once, so not cool. Bringing Almeida, a good man back to make him a villain ati in pursuit of revenging his wife Dessler’s murder was so uncool. The Tony we knew was better than that! That was serious character assassination.

Wayne Palmer, the late David Palmer’s brother acts a very naive and gullible president, as compared to David Palmer making it feel less appealing. President Taylor and her seemingly shaken family together with her emotions just don’t add up to a good president. All the decisions she makes in the final Day8 are wrong starting with her choice to let the ex-rogue president Taylor be her advisor. Jack’s character is reduced to a hacker in the last day! The writers seriously diverging from the previous life saving days to a day that saw Jack kill people in cold blood, following his lover Renee Walker’s assassination. Jack fights to expose the Russians assassination of President Omar and his lover in time before President Taylor signs a peace treaty with the Russians. Very stupid plot as before Jack would put the country’s needs before his, this last day was all about revenge and cold blood murder. As far as am concerned the peace treaty might have been signed because if anything, blood had already been split. Then Jack disappearing in the end mysteriously is a loop, why? Heroes don’t do that, oh he wasn’t a hero this time, just a guy who had murdered people ruthlessly. President Taylor resigns. That day was more like an apocalypse. Urrrg, bad end.

Most Memorable
1. Chase (Kim Bauer’s boyfriend) sacrifices his life and attached his hand to the virus delivery device. Jack cuts off his arm in an attempt to save him from the bomb explosion.

2. Jack shooting his partner Curtis dead. Curtis attempted to shoot down a terrorist who was responsible for the death of a member of his (Curtis) family. Jack had to kill Curtis in exchange of the life of the terrorist who would later give Jack the info he wanted.

3. Jack killing badass chics Nina Myers and Dana Walsh in cold blood. Nina killed Jack’s wife Teri, Dana played a big role in working with the Russians to fuck up Taylor’s admin and the peace treaty, she proved to be a very annoying and renegade bad bitch.

4.Jack shows signs of humanity when he vomits after killing Curtis. The only time Jack possibly ever vomited in the whole series.

5. Jack torturing his own brother who had information on some nuclear canisters. Turns out Jack’s dad over doses the son (whose name i cant rem) to death. Sad but it runs in the family.

6.Killing Audrey Reines husband, indirectly by ordering the only medical personnel to attend to the terrorist first so they would give Jack vital information that he needed. I think Jack just didn’t like Mr. Reines, he loved Audrey too much to kill her husband.

7. Jack bit a terrorist’s neck and an accomplice of a Russian syndicate’s ear, YUCK!

8.After Teri’s death, falling in love again with Audrey Reines, then Walker… other proofs that Jack was actually human.

9.Cutting out an Russian sniper’s intestines after he refused to give valuable information, Jack retrieves the memory card stick in his intestines, it had information he needed. Jack was bad!

Characters we really MISS 😦

1. Michell Dessler and Tony Almeida (PERFECT combi)

3. Curtis (He was a very cool partner)

4.Chase (Cool partner though agent Ortis day8 completely overshadows his swag)

5.Audrey Reines (Great actress and overly emotional for a day’s occurrence)

Memorable QUOTES:

Start of Day 6 , Jack is running late at CTU. Somebody tells a worried Chloe, “Maybe he is caught in traffic” Chloe answers, “Jack doesn’t get caught in traffic, he walks against the traffic!”

End of Day 4, James Heller warns Jack against pursuing his love for his daughter Audrey Reines. He tells Jack, “You are cursed, anything you touch ends up dead”.

Day8 when Jack calls up his bootlegger dude for weapons. The man tells Jack that he better not show up at his doorstep. Jack answers him, “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have had that doorstep, now I will there in 10”.

I REALLY LOVED 24, so sad it had to end. Too happy though that it made me man up to action movies. I now really dig the conspiracy types of movies and shit. Long live Jack Bauer who says that if the demand for 24 still ensures and the writers can get more inspiration, with a backing of the productions funding, why not have another day?

Lets have a DAY 9 yo!