I am declaring a state of emergency because I don’t love you anymore. The more I try to keep up with you, the more you keep stressing me. If I can’t have you leave, believe me I will be the one to go. My bags are packed already, my hands are tied up, my house is untidy but I am still ready to start over.

I am demanding for a memorandum of understanding because you never listen instead you keep with your cunning maneuvers. I am sick of mornings of your hangovers, I stick to my mourning as if I already lost you while you were with me. You are not the man I knew, it’s as if you are a ghost.

I am confirming if we have any other business because in all seriousness I don’t ever wanna hear from you. You will probably drink a beer tonight but after the high make sure you don’t call me. I heard enough of your lies and at this juncture nothing you can do will stop me from pursuing my future.

I am regretting the nuptials. I will keep the initials, wish I knew then what I was getting into. You can keep the house, I would love to live in a setting that reminds me of when we used to be ”us” so am going to reside at the old town where we first met. It’s where I don’t get agitated, it’s located inside of me so just leave & I will feel again.