Like a wizard, he has me under his bizarre ways. I love how he sips on his coffee, how he skips on his pals only to meet me, how he leads making me follow. After a long day, he lets me un-button his shirt, if I am on the wrong he first listens to me before correcting me, he never scolds me, in fact when it is cold, he is never forgetting to hold me closer, the weather never mattered. Our combination is heightened by his generosity, when I leave my jacket behind, he gives me his sweater, its sweeter that he cares about these litu-things.

Like chilies, he is the spice to my food, always leaving me with a good taste. He is like a meal cooked in no haste as he tastes of nothing but good ingredients. When I am greedy he is always asking me to count my blessings. “Some people out there are needy but you are blessed, “he says. He stays with me throughout the year, so when they say that there’s been a drought, I don’t understand. He is like a good year’s supply, always implies what an ideal man is made of, it’s like a deal that’s hard to break.

Like a good poem, I never get enough of him. He makes me laugh at his silly jokes, I marvel at the litu-notes  he jots me daily. I adore him like crazy because he turned my hazy vision into a clear oblivion, no one else before him matters. It’s like with him I am promised of reaching my potential even the stars, I am rich for starters just because just like words, he brings new pleasure by the day. There’s no measure to the way he has made me feel like a no. 1 best seller.

Like the rain, he demands for spontaneity. In reality his affection takes control of my attention. He is the remedy to half my maladies, I am fully aware of his healing power. Every fortnight he gets me a flower for no reason but just so to make me smile. He is my light as I adore his honesty, he is not always right but wise, he never sways in his promises and I love that. So when they ask me why I accepted to his proposal, it’s because I fancy how he rolls, how he is versatile, I am into his lifestyle, his hairstyle, how he slides, how we ride and our entire camaraderie that nothing can hinder.

Hell, i’d be damned if i wasn’t into him!