I want to be free–to feel the sea when I stand close to it. I want to find closure even when I can’t see the future. I want to believe in myself even when I fall. If I don’t have anything at all, I want to dream at all costs. For what’s it all for if I cant be happy? I want to seek the Lord’s guidance in all my days. That even in my heydays I may remain in serenity and humility. I want to find spirituality and the meaning beneath our individuality. I want to understand sexuality. I want to stand in the rain and feel the pain of the clouds for they cry too. I want to look around and not search for anything for it’s all before my blinded eyes waiting for me to be free.

I want to be free–to be art. For nothing will ever bruise or hurt me. I will be what you perceive me to be. For even I don’t know who I am–I am just human. In my art I want to be conceptual while at the same time contextual. My medium will be inspiration and not you. But if you stir my emotions then so be it, I will give you more. I want to be prolific. I will not be tied down to anything specific but diversity. So I want to sin, with you if you wish. Create and experience a city of hues with you. You might be as lost and unsure as I am but fate will ensure that we are set free.

Even when I am blind, I want to be free–to paint beautiful colours. I want a love that binds me to God. One that lies between me and just one man–his eyes will tell it all. I want to enjoy life, rip its fruits in no haste. I want to taste life’s pleasures like your lips and spicy tea. Chase after the suns rays, enjoy the wines of the great and eat food from your plate. I want a peace of mind. The kind that grants me the bravery to ask for things and not be afraid of getting nothing. For what’s a man, snap!-woman, with nothing if she’s got trust in herself? Probably everything & free 🙂